Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?

Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?

Just opened ticket sales less than 4 days early, Godfather Tran Thanh has an unprecedented record. On the first day of screening (from 6pm on March 5), the film earned 10.6 billion after only 6 hours, reaping the first title “Vietnamese film has the highest sneakshow revenue – (early screen time – PV) All Time”.

Event - Movie The Godfather reached 100 billion VND: Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?

Tran Thanh impressed when playing the role of Ba Sang in the movie The Godfather.

Overcoming victory, on Monday’s premiere, March 6, the film earned 22 billion dong in just one day, then continued to break its own record on the next sneakshow day with a record of 30 billion dong. into a Vietnamese movie with the highest sales in a day. By the end of March 7, which is after 54 hours of early screening, Godfather earned more than 62 billion.

According to the original official schedule, March 12 was the official premiere date GodfatherAnd sneakshow program lasts only from March 5 to March 8. However, with the increasing demand from the audience, the producer decided to extend the sneakshow time until March 11. As of 16:30 on March 9, after less than 4 days of sneakshow, the film officially reached 100 billion VND in revenue, becoming the fastest Vietnamese film with 100 billion revenue of all time.

Explain the movie’s huge revenue Godfather, actor Thanh Tu for Reporter Reporter Law or: “After translation Covid-19, the movie theater situation is quite bleak. Movie Godfather is expected a lot. The film has a huge cast, which can be mentioned as: People’s Artist Ngoc Giau, Tran Thanh, Le Giang, Lan Phuong, Tuan Tran … were loved by the audience, so many people were eager to go to the theater to see their idols. to act. Moreover, the film has beautiful scenes, telling a humanistic story about family love, father and son love. Impressive quality with word of mouth as well as media effect helps Godfather is well received by the audience. In addition, because theaters were almost frozen during the past season with few new productions, theaters in many places had to close, so the Godfather Helping the theater get crowded again. “

Event - Movie The Godfather reached 100 billion VND: Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?  (Picture 2).
Event - Movie The Godfather reached 100 billion VND: Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?  (Figure 3).

Along with Tran Thanh, artist Le Giang also acted in a very colorful manner, supported by many people.

Artist Chien Thang commented: “Watching movies Godfather I just understand why the movie is expected by the audience and has such a huge sales. The film is not a sensational script with unexpected twist. Instead, the plot is completely authentic, real life. It is a story about a multi-generational family including Hai Giau (Ngoc Giau), Ba Sang (Tran Thanh), Tu Phu (Hoang Meo) and Ut Quy (La Thanh). 4 sisters Giau – Sang – Phu – Quy but forever … poor, live crowded in a working alley in the lavish Saigon.

The godfather leads the viewer from a poor neighborhood, many people living in their childhood flooded with water when the rain is heavy, the children are diving on a long alley, to the noisy neighbor ready to block the lane when the “family has a crowd”. All those very life images make everyone feel like they have met somewhere in real life.

The story of the generation conflict in the Vietnamese family is easy to see in the film. The son always advised his father to “live his life, stop living for others”. The “fiery” quarrels between father and son because of different lifestyles make viewers pity and bitterness. Watching movies is like watching the life that unfolds around us. I think that Tran Thanh and her crew are being praised, praised, not just for sales. But because Tran Thanh makes movies like life, because of the truthfulness and cinematic nature of the film “.

Event - Movie The Godfather reached 100 billion VND: Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?  (Figure 4).

Director Vu Ngoc Dang (second from left) is happy because the 4-day movie has reached 100 billion in revenue.

Talking about Tran Thanh’s invitation to direct the film, director Vu Ngoc Dang said: “I do a lot of movies, both dramas and movies. My films are usually gentle, with both elements of compassion and comedy. I think I have a knack for making family movies.

At the invitation I directed the film GodfatherTran Thanh probably considered this. Tran Thanh is too famous. In the past, I heard many people tell Tran Thanh to do a movie or to edit the script, but more, not a little. This does not make me shy but makes me more curious about why Tran Thanh is so “hot”. This is my first time making a movie under someone else’s script.

At the same time I made the film, I realized that Tran Thanh was really good and good beyond my imagination. Tran Thanh has an excellent directorial mind. Thanh knows everything, he can observe it well. Thanh’s treatment in the film is modern and unique. At first, Thành invited me to be the sole director of the film. But during the shoot, I felt we were co-directors. Close the machine, I suggest to film Godfather is “a movie of Tran Thanh”, not “a movie by Vu Ngoc Dang”. I feel embarrassed if I just put my name on. I even told Thanh that the next movie was directed by Thanh himself, no need to invite anyone else. However, the film still has the quality of Vu Ngoc Dang “.

“Both – the crew were surprised by the sales of the movie The Godfather. We are happy that the movie is expected by the audience. With GodfatherI find myself profitable. Despite working for a long time, combining with young people with fresh energies and unique creativity, I have learned many things. Tran Thanh does not mind anyone, forcing everyone to do it to the end, as long as it is effective. Working with Tran Thanh, I find myself to be more difficult and drastic with my actors and crew “- Director Vu Ngoc Dang confided.

Event - Movie The Godfather reached 100 billion VND: Tran Thanh deserves to be praised?  (Figure 5).

Father and son love is depicted in the film.

Godfather is a true commercial and entertainment film for the masses. The film has a popular theme, “global”: father-son love, family love. But not all films on this “global” theme will be successful. If it conveys fake emotions or is poor at filmmaking, the family romance movie will still fail as usual. Tran Thanh and the crew have touched viewers’ hearts properly, making the audience feel they are in it. Are not commercial movies just hard to “make money” from the audience’s pocket? If making a movie from the heart, the revenue and profit are not the number, but it is the emotions, the empathy is multiplied many times.

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