Transform Your Childs Teeth Brushing Into A Game With Playbrush

If your children find brushing their teeth a little boring and mundane, you might be interested in a new device called the Playbrush that transforms your child’s toothbrush into a game controller, that can then be used to control characters in smartphone and tablet applications.

The Playbrush system has today launched in the US, Canada and throughout Europe and is available to purchase priced at $51 or €49, and takes the form of a device that fits onto the handle of any non-motorised toothbrush currently on the market.

If you have more than one child the device can be easily detached from one toothbrush and connected to another removing the need to buy multiple devices. Check out the video below to learn more about this unique way to add a little more fun to teeth brushing time.
Playbrush combines daily toothbrushing with the enjoyment of mobile games. Thanks to both our Playbrush device (which turns any toothbrush into a gaming controller) and our purpose-built mobile games, we easily encourage children to brush their teeth. As a result, brushing your teeth is finally fun!

Playbrush links brushing behavior to in-game performance. Our smart algorithm measures brushing behavior and translates it into mobile challenges. By giving real time feedback via games we encourage children to brush more regularly, for longer and more accurately.

For more information on the Playbrush jump over to the official website where it is now available to purchase.

Source: PlayBrush

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