Transgender runner Tuong Vi transforms into “fairy Dak Nia” in a fashion set

Transgender runner Tuong Vi transforms into “fairy Dak Nia” in a fashion set

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 16:02 PM (GMT+7)

Tuong Vi shows off her muse-like beauty, worthy of the title of the most beautiful beauty Miss International Queen Vietnam 2020

Tuong Vi shows off her fragile beauty in the middle of the grassland.

Tuong Vi is a transgender beauty crowned the 2nd runner-up – Miss International Queen Vietnam 2020. She is marked by her charming appearance and bright white skin.

After the contest, Tuong Vi received a lot of attention from the audience. She became a symbol of the sweetness and purity of the LGBT community.

Recently, Tuong Vi made a series of photos in her hometown, in Dak Tan village – Dak Nia commune – Dak Nong province. No need to wear elaborate costumes, Tuong Vi still scores by magical moments, as beautiful as a muse in the middle of a poetic landscape.

Tuong Vi’s slim but sexy body attracts the eye of the beholder. It is known that Tuong Vi is 1.68m high and measures 3 rounds: 83 – 60 – 93cm.

Tuong Vi received many compliments for her natural and feminine beauty.

Receiving praise from fans, Tuong Vi said: “In the past, even though her friends said she was handsome, Vi was very self-conscious about her appearance. Transgender is probably the best decision in life because it helped Vi have a new life. Vi no longer has low self-esteem but feels more and more confident, Vi can live as herself, be loved and pampered as a real girl.

Vi does not build a fixed image for herself, wants to change colors in fashion style. Vi feels that living true to herself is the best. Before, Vi was still the same in the future, if it was different, it would probably be more perfect when appearing in front of the media and the audience.” – Tuong Vi’s heart.

Tuong Vi said that after the contest, she also received enough work contracts to take care of herself and help her family. Although she is busy, she always takes time to visit her family in the countryside and is ready to do the work of a rural girl. Because of this, Tuong Vi always receives the love of the audience for her simplicity and simplicity.

Talking about future plans, Tuong Vi said that in addition to her online business, she and her team are planning art for the future. Transgender beauty hopes to always receive the support of everyone.

Tuong Vi will focus a lot on art after the translation is controlled.


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