Twitter’s rebranding is reminding Kingdom Hearts players

Highlights Kingdom Hearts fans are finding Twitter’s rebranding to “X” hilarious and are cracking jokes about it, despite some users expressing concern. The letter “X” is a prominent symbol in Kingdom Hearts, appearing in multiple ways throughout the game series, and fans are referencing these connections in their tweets. While some users are unhappy with the rebranding, Kingdom Hearts fans are enjoying their last moments of fun on the platform before the changes take place.

Kingdom Hearts fans are finding it hilarious that Twitter is renaming it “X” and are making jokes about it on the social media platform. The rebranding is the latest site change brought about by CTO Elon Musk. After the announcement was made, however, many users were quick to express how much they love Twitter’s iconic branding and how changing it to just the letter “X” might be a bad move on Musk’s part.

However, Kingdom Hearts fans are getting one last breath before Twitter switches over, as the letter “X” is a prominent symbol in Square Enix’s long-running RPG series. It appears in two ways, one being the use of the Greek letter “chi” which is sometimes represented as an X by the series and its fans. “Chi” and “X” are used in the name of the former mobile game Kingdom Hearts throughout its rebranding, as well as the name of the “X-blade”. Additionally, “X” is commonly used in the anagram names of Nobodies from the series such as the Recusant’s Sigil.

As a result, fans are making a lot of Kingdom Hearts memes and references in tweets announcing the rebranding. In one case, a Twitter user known as @mai_beloved even drew the Twitter bird and “X” logo on Sora and Roxas’ bodies, joking that the new X platform will be Twitter’s Nobody. Naturally, thanks to the great art by @mai_beloved, this is getting a lot of laughs from KH players on the site.

Another Kingdom Hearts fan, Twitter user @caehum, jokes about using the “X” in another way. In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, an “X” was placed on Sora’s shirt by Organization 13 as the Recusant’s Sigil, and was used to track him. The KH fan uses this symbol to suggest that the use of the Sigil means that a new Keyblade War is coming in the future, causing other players to ask where they can apply for membership in the Organization.

Among the number of people expressing how much they love or dislike the new “X” brand, there are at least a number of Kingdom Hearts fans enjoying the last few days of what Twitter is as users know it. Arguably, things haven’t been smooth sailing on the social media platform for a while, and some users have been suspended for odd reasons, like a Pokemon fan being suspended for posting his collection. In the end, the rebranding of the “X” is just one more awkward step and could mark the end of Twitter’s story.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development.

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