6 Best Female Villains In Ubisoft’s Games, Ranked

Ubisoft has a grand history in video game creation, backed by the various amazing franchises that they have managed to create over nearly four decades of gaming. In this time, they have produced some of the best stories and characters in the history of gaming, and have continuously sought to give gamers a higher level of experience than has ever been seen.

Female villains have quickly become a grand threat to protagonists, and Ubisoft has some despicable characters in need of battling across a variety of franchises to excellent stand-alone entries. It’s best not to get on the bad side of these Ubisoft female villains unless the player is wearing a bulletproof vest.

6 Mickey & Lou (Far Cry: New Dawn) Ubisoft Female Villains Mickey And Lou

The Far Cry franchise is one of Ubisoft’s best, and many of the games in it have become legendary among the gaming community. Far Cry is known for great characters and, in particular, some excellent villainous characters. That includes the villainous teenage duo of Mickey & Lou, who led the local chapter of the Highwaymen in Far Cry: New Dawn.

As a pair of terrifyingly insane teenagers with more than the average amount of emotional control issues, Mickey and Lou are a great pair of villains and their story is intriguing, with Lou eventually being killed and Mickey attempting to repent. This leaves the player with the opportunity to either spare or execute Mickey, one of the more interesting moral choices in the Far Cry franchise.

5 Apollyon (For Honor) Ubisoft Female Villains Apollyon

The bloodthirsty warlord Apollyon in For Honor is much less of a redeemable character. A villain who wishes only for complete war between the different factions in For Honor. This is due to her belief that the various factions of Samurai, Vikings, Knights, and more have grown weak without war keeping them at each other’s throats.

Her machinations and manipulations lead the factions into a bloody battle once more, as she decimates the Viking and Samurai lands, killing their leaders and leaving them with only enough to fight over and become “stronger” again. Even after eventually being killed for her actions, Apollyon got exactly what she wanted in a bittersweet ending, because the world is in exactly the state of bloodthirsty war she had been dreaming about.

4 Lucy Thorne (Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate) Ubisoft Female Villains Lucy Thorne

There have been various minor female villains throughout the Assassin’s Creed franchise, but it is generally not a common theme for one of the more featured antagonists in any of the games to be a woman. Lucy Thorne is an exception, proving to be a real thorn in the side of Jacob and Evie Frye throughout Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Thorne is first found experimenting on an Apple of Eden, one of the more dangerous items in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and later she steals the Shroud when the Frye twins finally locate it. Evie finally manages to track her down and kill her while seeking to retrieve the Shroud, but Thorne remains one of the best examples of a strong female villain in the entire history of Assassin’s Creed.

3 Sabine Brandt (Watch Dogs: Legion) Ubisoft Female Villains Sabine Brandt

Most of Watch Dogs: Legion is about the government using technology to effectively imprison its citizens and restrict their lives behind the guise of law and order. Because of this, it is surprising that the primary villain is somebody that simply wants to cause enough chaos to force society to forego technology and go back to the old ways.

However, Sabine Brandt is a complex villain, and she is revealed late in Watch Dogs: Legion to be the one behind the bombings that led to such a high level of surveillance all over London and the UK. Before she is stopped, she almost manages to take control of all the surveillance around London to create even more chaos on her end but is eventually stopped before she can achieve this next level of terrorism.

2 Umbra (Child of Light) Ubisoft Female Villains Umbra

Child of Light is a strange occurrence in Ubisoft’s history which doesn’t resemble other games they’ve released at all. It is an excellently fun adventure though, a side-scrolling RPG platformer where a child, Aurora, attempts to regain the sun, the stars, and the moon which have been stolen by Umbra, the Queen of Night.

The simplistic but beautiful story of Child of Light is punctuated by the various evils which Umbra is shown to have committed to subjugate Lemuria to her evil rule. Child of Light is a fantastic game, and it was easy with the artistic talent behind it to make Umbra an exceptionally memorable villain with some actual heart behind her, especially shown in the moments after the deaths of her daughters.

1 Faith Seed (Far Cry 5) Ubisoft Female Villains Faith Seed

Far Cry has had some incredibly memorable villains, and one of the very best and most unusual is Faith Seed from Far Cry 5. Instead of being a violent criminal, Faith is a kindly-seeming person who oversees the production of “Bliss” in Hope County. This hallucinogen is dangerous and when people fall under its effects for too long, they become suspect to the hypnotic suggestions of Faith.

Faith is a different kind of terrifying villain, her introduction and the backstory she tells are alluring and intriguing.

It makes players understand and feel the real allure of her villainy as she attempts to suck the Deputy into staying with her in “paradise” instead of going after Joseph once more. Faith is one of the best video game villains because Far Cry 5 does such a good job of making her feel like she lacks villain qualities despite still doing bad things, making the player feel sympathy for her.

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