Unpublished crown value, reduced cash prizes

Unpublished crown value, reduced cash prizes

Thursday, 11/12/2020 08:56 AM (GMT + 7)

The items of the new Miss Vietnam 2020 were announced at the press conference before the final.

Miss Vietnam 2020: No crown value announced, reduced cash prize - 1

New Miss Vietnam 2020 items are received on the coronation night.

The crown for the new Miss Vietnam 2020 is a gift that makes the audience the most interested. The tiara is crafted by a famous domestic brand of pearls, and has accompanied many beauty contests.

The carefully selected pearls, especially the golden luster, bring warm, happy, energetic colors and look forward to a good future. Quantity of pearls: Yellow South Sea pearls: 21 pieces. White South Sea pearls: 53 balls. White gemstone: 530 pieces. Golden gemstones: 1388 stones. The crown is made of gold, weighing 159.72 g

Crown Meaning: South Sea pearls are known as “Great Pearls”, bringing warmth, energy, and attractive royal beauty. Yellow is also the color of a golden heart, a compassionate golden heart, and is also the golden age of a decade of beauty.

Integrating in the design is the image of shell fragments embracing precious pearls, as if opening and spreading luck to the owner.

Miss Vietnam 2020: No crown value announced, reduced cash prize - 2

Close-up of the crown for the new beauty.

Miss Vietnam 2020: No crown value announced, reduced cash award - 3

The event also had the participation of Miss Vietnam 2018 – Tran Tieu Vy.

Deputy organizer / Ms. Pham Kim Dung answered the reason for not disclosing the cost of the crown. She said: “Because 2020 is a difficult year when faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, as well as natural disasters and floods in the Central region. The value of the crown is so great that we consider, if we announce the crown with such an amount in this context, it would not mind. There are many people out there suffering and suffering from natural disasters, so it will be more human and reasonable to not announce it. Looking at the design, everything around the crown, everyone will see great value. Anyway, the Miss Crown is an invaluable value, not to be counted “.

In addition to the crown, the coronation staff was also revealed. This item is plated with sparkling 24k gold, attached with 44 additional gems (including 2 30mm amethysts), embellishing the radiant beauty of the beauty, wisdom and compassion of the new Miss. Vietnam.

According to the organizers, the staff carries the image of the watch supporting the crown, marking the journey of the Decade of memorable beauty and the expectation of opening a new decade of beauty to be more successful and resounding in the future. Meanwhile, the coronation chair takes the main gold tone, made from aluminum alloy, 24k gold plated, and covered with luxurious velvet mattress. On the chair studded with 155 sparkling stones, it adds to the radiant beauty, the beauty of the new beauty in the moment of coronation.

In addition, the organizers also announced the award system for high-ranking girls in the contest. Accordingly, the contestant who is crowned Miss will receive 350 million VND, runner-up 1 receives 250 million VND and runner-up 2 receives 200 million VND. Additional prizes such as Beauty of Kindness, Beauty of the Sea, Beauty of Talent … each receive 50 million VND.

Compared to previous years, cash awards are less. Explaining this, BTC confessed that the economic situation affected by the translation was too great, so it took the initiative to withdraw the amount. Hopefully contestants, the public will sympathize with the organizers.

Miss Vietnam 2020: No crown value announced, reduced cash prize - 4

Miss Do My Linh.

Miss Vietnam 2020: No crown value announced, reduced cash prize - 5

Runner Phuong Nga.

Miss Vietnam 2020: No crown value announced, reduced cash prize - 6

Runner-up Thuy An.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/hoa-hau-viet-nam-2020-khong-cong-bo-gia-tri-vuong-mien-giai-thuong-tien-mat-gi …

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