Best Ultimates In Valorant, Ranked

Within the crowded subgenre of tactical FPS games, Riot Games’ Valorant is distinctive for its diverse range of character-based abilities that shape its gameplay. Each agent has a selection of signature abilities and one chargeable Ultimate, which surpasses their other powers and is the defining ability of their toolkit.

Ultimate abilities in Valorant are designed to have a game-changing impact, capable of either making or breaking a round for both competing teams. However, they are not all equally effective. Some excel beyond the rest and are even considered uniquely overpowered. It’s essential for players to know which ones rank above the rest.

10 Seekers (Skye) Skye's Ultimate Valorant - Seekers

As one of the strongest Initiator agents, Skye has a packed toolkit. Her versatile abilities make her well-equipped for gathering information and creating advantageous fights for her team.

Her Ultimate ability, Seekers, is invaluable in clutch scenarios when her team is low on intel. It releases a trio of Seekers that track down the three closest opponents, thereby revealing their locations. Unless destroyed, the Seekers nearsight any agent they hunt down. This forces enemy players to adjust their crosshairs to target them, giving Skye’s team the upper hand in fast-paced engagements.

9 Showstopper (Raze) Showstopper (Raze) Valorant Ultimate

Raze’s Ultimate ability, Showstopper, is a high-impact rocket. This Ultimate deals massive damage in its radius, complementing Raze’s explosive toolkit.

For maximum impact, Raze players tend to use the rocket in tight choke points where enemies are likely to be gathered together, as a well-placed rocket carries the prospect of a full-team elimination. It is a high-risk, high-reward ability that requires accuracy and timing. And even when it doesn’t secure a kill, it provides valuable map control as enemies flee from its lethal blast damage.

8 Rolling Thunder (Breach) Rolling Thunder Breach Ultimate Valorant

Breach’s kit is designed to disrupt and hinder enemies, and no ability achieves this as effectively as his Ultimate, Rolling Thunder. This skill is a ground-breaking crowd control power that requires good coordination and communication to be the most impactful.

Rolling Thunder unleashes a cascading shockwave that expands across an area large enough to cover many bomb sites. Any players caught in the quake will find themselves shot into the air and Concussed. This status effect impairs their vision, reduces their firing speed, and inhibits their mobility. This Ultimate proves crucial when taking or reclaiming bomb sites, and is often a reliable tactic to secure a round.

7 Hunter’s Fury (Sova) Valorant Hunter's Fury Sova Ultimate

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury is a versatile Ultimate. It’s designed to provide information, control map space, and eliminate enemies.

Upon activation, Sova is equipped with three formidable, long-range projectiles that penetrate walls and deal 80 damage per hit to those caught in its fire line. The locations of enemies hit by its energy blast are also revealed, assisting Sova in landing the lethal second hit. This ability is critical post-plant, allowing Sova to stall or deny the enemy’s spike-defusing attempts from a safe distance.

6 Orbital Strike (Brimstone) Brimstone Ultimate Orbital Strike Valorant

Brimstone’s Ultimate Orbital Strike is one of the most impactful ways to deny map control and force enemy players to reposition. Upon activation, Brimstone selects a specific target where a laser beam will rain down heavy damage over time. This is substantial enough to kill any player stuck in its range.

Orbital Strike is useful for denying spike plants and defuses or clearing defenders from tight positions, such as Lamps on Bind. It’s also a solid counter to enemy Ultimates, capable of neutralizing threats like Killjoy’s Lockdown and shifting the odds in his team’s favor.

5 Viper’s Pit (Viper) Viper's Pit Valorant Ultimate

Viper’s Pit is one of the strongest Ultimates in the game. When activated, it creates a toxic gas cloud that spreads over a significant area of the map. This gas has the potential to blanket entire sites and choke points.

Within Viper’s Pit, enemies experience nearsightedness and loss of access to their mini-map. What’s more, their health diminishes swiftly, dwindling to a mere 1 HP, rendering them vulnerable to easy takedowns. While recent balancing nerfs have reduced the duration Viper can leave her deadly Pit before it deactivates, its strategic impact remains influential.

4 Resurrection (Sage) Valorant Sage Resurrection Ultimate

As one of the most impactful support agents, Sage possesses the unique Ultimate ability to resurrect fallen teammates and restore them to full health, returning them to battle at pivotal moments.

Her Ultimate can dramatically alter a round, transforming perilous 1v1s into advantageous 2v1s. This can be the difference between victory and defeat. If combined with her Barrier Orb, Sage can provide valuable cover to the allies she revives, protecting them during the lengthy Ultimate animation. Given the significance of each kill, Resurrection can be overpowered when used wisely, explaining why it’s such a pricey Ultimate.

3 Blade Storm (Jett) Valorant Blade Storm Jett Ultimate

Jett’s Blade Storm Ultimate equips her with a set of five throwing knives, which are highly accurate regardless of her movement. She can use them individually, causing them to recharge with each kill, or throw them all at once.

Jett’s Ultimate is particularly powerful on economy rounds, when her team is short on credits and armed with subpar weapons. In this instance, her daggers can level the playing field and potentially yield a fallen enemy’s dropped weaponry. Out of all Valorant Ultimates, Blade Storm requires the most precision and aiming skills, but it is formidable in the hands of a talented player.

2 NULL/cmd (KAY/O) NULLcmd KAYO Ultimate - Valorant

When triggered, KAY/O’s Ultimate releases a large Suppression pulse emanating from his position, rendering any enemies in its radius incapable of using their abilities. Since Valorant’s gameplay hinges on these signature powers, KAY/O’s Ultimate is nothing short of game-changing, transforming Valorant into a more traditional tactical FPS for the opposing side.

Should KAY/O be killed during his Ultimate, he instead becomes downed and can be re-stabilized by his team. Additionally, he gains the Combat Stim buff, which makes this Ultimate especially powerful when pushing or retaking sites. While not it may not be as flashy as some other Ultimates, NULL/cmd is nonetheless one of the most impactful in the game.

1 Lockdown (Killjoy) Valorant Lockdown Killjoy Ultimate

Killjoy has become the consistent meta pick and is considered one of the best Sentinel agents, given the power of her well-rounded utility kit. This includes her Ultimate ability, Lockdown.

When deployed, Lockdown emits an immense spherical radius with a wind-up period, before it Detains all enemies trapped in its range for a brief time. Players are almost entirely immobilized when Detained, leaving them vulnerable to attack and unable to plant or defuse. It is a game-winning Ultimate that Killjoy’s team can use to secure kills, defuse the spike, or force rotations.

Valorant is available now on PC.

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