What to Expect in a Valorant Film After Riot's Arcane

Highlights Valorant is reportedly getting its own film, similar to Riot’s successful Arcane series, and Tencent will likely be involved. Valorant’s rich lore and unique characters make it a great candidate for an animated film, focusing on a select few characters at a time. The film could delve into the origins of Valorant’s agents, the concept of the “Mirrorverse,” and the impact of the “First Light” event, offering fans a deeper understanding of the game’s world.

Valorant is reportedly going to be receiving its own film, according to popular leaker Kingdom Laboratories on Twitter. This is exciting news for fans of the tactical shooter, especially following the success of Riot’s Arcane series. Arcane is based on the world and characters of Riot’s flagship game, League of Legends, and was renewed for a second season by Netflix after the season one finale.

Though it hasn’t officially been confirmed if Valorant is getting a movie, details from the leaks claim that Tencent will be a part of the project which means it will probably be similar to the “United Together” cinematic. The movie should be debuting in late 2024 or 2025. Whether this is true or not, the very concept raises plenty of ideas as to what the community would like to see in a Valorant film following Arcane.

A Valorant Film Has a Lot of Potential Because of Its Lore Valorant

While at face value, Valorant seems like it’s just a 5v5 FPS game, it actually has a great deal of lore. Riot shouldn’t have any issues finding an interesting storyline with its twenty-two agents, and its version of future Earth, called Alpha Earth. It’s expected that this film will be animated, rather than live-action, following the format of Riot’s past cinematics and Arcane.

There aren’t many guarantees as to what a Valorant film will include, but it’s likely Riot will concentrate on just a few characters at a time. League of Legends has 164 champions at the moment but Arcane’s focus was mainly on Jinx and Vi, alongside supporting character arcs for Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Ekko, Heimerdinger, and Singed. Condensing the massive world of Runeterra to just a few characters was a purposeful tactic by Riot to introduce people to the universe without overwhelming them.

Fans of the game would probably most like to see the origins of hero shooter Valorant’s agents. An event called the “First Light” saw the introduction of Radianite to Alpha Earth. This rather mysterious substance can be found in a crystal-like form, and anyone who was exposed for a long time gained supernatural powers. The game itself is based on the Valorant Protocol, led by Brimstone and Viper, after Radianite was proven to be dangerous.

The Valorant film could tap into the “Mirrorverse,” which explains why there can be a Jett, or another agent, on one team and a Jett on the other side. Riot explained that there are two nearly identical Earths, with the second being Omega Earth. Omega Earth’s Radianite tech is much more advanced than Alpha Earth. Agents from Omega Earth are sent to the original Earth to plant the Spike which steals Radianite.

However, seeing as Arcane is a prequel to League of Legends in an alternate timeline, the Valorant movie may have an easier time exploring the build-up to the “First Light” and how it affected the world. The “Mirrorverse” plot could be reserved for a sequel as the movie focuses on character backstories. For instance, Neon’s unfathomable power could be investigated, alongside the limits of her surge protector which is meant to keep her powers at bay. On the other hand, Yoru’s travel between realities could be a fascinating journey to watch.

Jett is the most popular Valorant agent based on her pick rate, which makes her a viable contender to be the main protagonist. It hasn’t been shown so far, but Jett is allegedly quite strong, as it’s insinuated in a Mirrored Edge player card and a dossier from Fade that she had the ability to summon a colossal storm over Seoul. Of course, there’s a wide cast of interesting characters for Riot to choose from, so not much can be promised from an upcoming Valorant film.

Valorant is available exclusively on PC.

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