Valve is Now Selling Refurbished Steam Decks for Significantly Less Than New Models

Highlights Valve is selling refurbished Steam Decks at a reduced price, making it a great opportunity for gamers interested in portable PC gaming. The discounted Steam Decks are available in all three models and have undergone a rigorous testing process to ensure functionality. While refurbished units may have minor cosmetic blemishes, they come with the same year-long warranty as brand-new ones, providing peace of mind for buyers. Supplies are limited, so interested gamers should act quickly.

Valve is now selling refurbished Steam Decks for a lower price than brand-new models. For those who are interested in the portable PC gaming experience, this is a good opportunity to pick one up.

The Steam Deck has proven to be extremely popular. While several companies are now producing handheld PC gaming devices, Valve threw its proverbial hat into the ring early and saw major success for it. However, due to the Steam Deck’s extreme demand, acquiring a discounted Steam Deck for a cheaper price than MSRP has been difficult, so gamers shouldn’t miss this chance.

Valve is now selling refurbished Steam Decks directly through its own site. All three models are available for purchase. Valve is selling the 64GB model for $319, down from $399, the 256GB for $419 from $529, and the 512GB for $519 down from $649. The price cut is substantial, and Valve notes that each unit goes through a rigorous process to ensure that it’s functioning as well as the brand-new ones. The Steam Decks are factory reset, then all their components tested.

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However, Valve notes that refurbished Steam Decks may be subject to minor cosmetic blemishes, as is typical with refurbished or open box products. The company is applying the same year-long warranty to refurbished units as brand-new ones, so buyers shouldn’t have to worry about the device breaking down. Interested gamers shouldn’t wait too long to purchase one, as Valve notes that supplies are limited. Anyone who finds that the model they were looking for isn’t available may want to check back, as the supply will be replenished as the company refurbishes more.

As technology continues to improve, it seems handheld gaming beyond what’s possible on a phone or tablet is regaining popularity. While processing power and battery life once held back handheld gaming, many new game releases are compatible with the Steam Deck at launch, giving fans one more option to play games. Given the popularity so far and with Valve actively encouraging other companies to develop Steam Deck competitors, the devices will likely become more powerful, lighter, and longer-lasting as time progresses.

With that said, some fans may want to hold out if money isn’t a big concern. Some of the Steam Deck competitors offer superior specs, like the Asus ROG Ally’s faster processor or the OneXPlayer 2’s better resolution, though both devices also come with a higher cost. Valve is also said to be planning its next version of the Steam Deck, as well. Regardless of whether the buyer is on a budget, there are plenty of options to choose from at this point.

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