Viet Anh and Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020

Viet Anh and Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020

Recently, Maria International Beauty has collaborated with the Ambassador star Beauty Nguyen Duyen – CEO of Nhat Moc Huong brand, Top 10 reliable brands in 2018 Las Beauty and Beauty Hoang Lan held an information conference about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020 event.

Event - Actors Viet Anh, Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020

Celebrities at the 2020 Golden Star Beauty Awards debut event.

Attending the event were: People women power of the Vietnamese fashion industry – Madame Trang Le, international beauty expert Ngoc Hien, Ambassador of the throne sao Beauty Nguyen Duyen, Actress Viet Anh, Phuong Oanh … and a large audience love beauty.

The event is a place to exchange and learn from top experts in Vietnam, bringing together more than 1,000 successful and prestigious businesses in the beauty industry. The event carries the message “Each person is a star who will shine in his own way”. You are special and you are unique. Live as yourself, spark your values, promote all your willpower and overcome challenges to succeed.

Event - Actors Viet Anh, Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020 (Figure 2).

International beauty expert Ngoc Hien and her husband and children at the event.

Talking about the motivation for the Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020, international beauty expert Ngoc Hien said: “For a long time, I really like organizing a large-scale event, a gathering place for many people, especially our sisters. Hien herself is passionate about art, with the entertainment industry, with her training as well as her mission in the beauty spa industry. And also because of love, respect and emotion, especially I was influenced by the person who inspired me, Trang Le. She blew her soul a lot and shared many useful things, so I organized this event ”.

“The purpose of this event is to bring completely different experiences and emotions to the guests attending the event. Creativity – Experience – Emotions Golden Star Beauty Awards left an unforgettable mark. The program contributes to building a strong domestic beauty community, going into professionalism. The Red Carpet Star helps you confidently, stride on the red carpet like real stars, in addition to the super super car and shuttle, and you will become the focus, a shining queen in the moment. shimmering fanciful “- Ngoc Hien added.”

When asked, is this a contest? Ngoc Hien said: “The current program has a lot of members registered to participate in order to be honored, because the women coming to this program are the stars who deserve to be awarded medals and cups. for myself. The event was not a contest, it wasn’t a beauty contest and Hien wanted to spread like a pride. Recently, the spa industry has been broken, struggling, due to the covid- 19 translation, Hien hopes that the program will honor everyone. The Golden Star Beauty Awards will officially be held on January 20, 2021.

Event - Actors Viet Anh, Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020 (Figure 3).

Ribbon cutting ceremony Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020.

Answer the question, why choose Golden Star Beauty Awards Program to sponsor? Diamond sponsor Truong Hien said: “The first feeling is being attracted to, admiring Ngoc Hien from her happy family life, to her career, so Truong Hien is very confident and after listening to Hien’s sharing about the messages of this program is for women to really shine, and I see this is a playground, an environment for all women, especially businessmen, beside the competition. living full of pressure will have moments of light. That is the reason that Truong Hien, and other partners are also willing to accompany the program and spread to everyone ”.

Event - Actors Viet Anh, Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020 (Figure 4).

Actor Phuong Oanh at the Golden Star Beauty Awards

At the event, Actor Phuong Oanh also said: “When Ngoc Hien talked to Oanh about the event’s criteria, Oanh liked it very much, because all beauty related is that Oanh not only likes but is passionate. enchantment. When I was invited to this program, Oanh felt very happy and excited, because I always wanted to be the best version of myself, so when I joined the program, to meet everyone here, Oanh felt like I had. With more positive energy, I was spread more and felt that I was even more beautiful, which is the main reason Oanh joined the show. Besides, the show is like convergence of stars, Oanh sees everyone as his own stars ”.

Actress Viet Anh said: “Beautiful sisters are mostly for you to see. As an artist, appearance and style are extremely important, nowadays, not only artists but everyone is also paying attention to their style, their appearance. . And everyone who appears wants to be the center, the magnet that attracts everyone. It is a wish, nothing bad, because to get attention, make a good impression on everyone is great, and whoever is successful in life is to know how to create a charisma, attention with all. everyone, and whoever does it will be successful. In the past, people thought beauty was sisters, not men, but today, the more economic conditions, success at work, not only women but also men who pay attention to appearance. so many, so much. That is the reason why so many beautiful people have attractive looks because they are conscious of always giving themselves the best, that is the lifestyle of civilized people ”.

Event - Actors Viet Anh, Phuong Oanh are excited about Golden Star Beauty Awards 2020 (Figure 5).

Mrs. Trang Le radiantly at the show.

Trang Le, who brought Vietnamese fashion to the world, is the person behind the success of many models, of the famous reality TV show, confided: “The couple Ngoc Hien, Nam Ngo and I met It is a predestined relationship, because of the enthusiasm, the same enthusiasm, I am very excited about this event, I think what Hien does this show is family, is passion, but I think it’s bigger, It is the desire to bring something to everyone, to bring a certain value to the community. Like me 10 years ago, I didn’t know anything about fashion, but after 10 years I have contributed to change the Vietnamese fashion industry, image, because my aspiration is to bring out the best. for everyone, to provide a playground, for everyone to show their best, and to bring Vietnamese fashion to the world, and today, Vietnamese fashion has been recognized by the world.

And knowing that Hien and Nam are hosting the Golden Star Beauty Awards is a respectable aspiration, you organize an event to honor, also internationally. Especially the program held in Hanoi as the capital – the heart of the country, I believe that the Golden Star Beauty Awards event will also resonate.

Golden Star Beauty Awards program

Time: 08:00 – 22:00. Date: January 20, 2021

Venue: Military Theater No. 130 Ho Tung Mau Street, Mai Dich, Cau Giay, Hanoi

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