Vietnam 2012 runner-up Hoang Anh “encroached” on fashion design

Vietnam 2012 runner-up Hoang Anh “encroached” on fashion design

Monday, October 18, 2021 11:33 AM (GMT+7)

After a period of preparation, runner-up Hoang Anh tried her hand at fashion design.

Runner-up Hoang Anh officially launched her own fashion brand.

To ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, runner-up Hoang Anh held her own fashion event over the weekend.

This is the first time the beauty has tried her hand at fashion design despite many years of working as a model. Previously, she planned to debut at the beginning of the year, but the plan was suspended due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The “sister association” of Miss appeared at the event of runner-up Hoang Anh.

To celebrate Hoang Anh’s challenge in a new field, there are famous beauties including Miss Ngoc Han, Miss Do My Linh, runner-up Duong Tu Anh, runner-up Ngo Tra My, runner-up Phuong Nga, “Lovely beauty” Miss Vietnam 2016 To Nhu, “Media Beauty” Miss Vietnam 2016 Ngoc Van.

The “sisters” of the beauty pageant when appearing at the event were all dressed up in the designs from the pre-fall collection.

Miss Ngoc Han chose an elegant white dress.

As a fashion designer, Ngoc Han praised the collection Hoang Anh participated in creating the creative idea that is a synthesis of elegant dress models, respecting the body and matching the aesthetic gout of many urban girls. town. She and other members of the “sister association” also wished Hoang Anh would have a good start on the business path.

Runner-up Phuong Nga wears a simple black off-shoulder dress design.

Among the beauties, Ngoc Han is the one with the most experience when she opened an Ao Dai showroom a few years ago, Miss Do My Linh also had her own fashion brand at the end of last year and Hoang Anh was the third person to enter. this way.

Miss Do My Linh has also developed her own fashion brand.

Vietnam 2012 runner-up said: “Entering a new field, I faced a lot of pressure when I almost had to learn specialized knowledge, learn how to operate and manage. There are times when I am discouraged, but the deeper I go, the more difficulties I face, the more I find myself growing and gaining more useful experiences.”.

Impressive strapless dress design of runner-up Tu Anh.

Over the past year, Hoang Anh has been busy setting up workshops and showrooms, discussing with the team about collection ideas, and supervising the production process. The overlapping work leaves her with little time to nurture the family, especially taking care of her two young children.

However, she feels lucky because during this time, the family of both paternal and maternal sides not only encouraged her mentally but also supported her to look after the two children so that she could focus on work.

Runner-up Hoang Anh and runner-up Tu Anh.

Hoang Anh was born in 1994 in Hanoi. She used to have a long time as a model before participating in Miss Vietnam 2012 and won 2nd runner-up. Also in 2012, she represented Vietnam in the Miss Earth contest.

She used to be active in showbiz after the coronation, but since getting married in 2017, Hoang Anh has almost limited her public appearances to fulfill her motherhood.

After four years of marriage, she and her husband have two children, baby Na (4 years old), baby Chum (nearly 2 years old). Although she is a “girl with two children”, Hoang Anh still retains a slim figure, her beauty is increasingly salty and attractive.

Since getting married, runner-up Hoang Anh rarely participates in entertainment events.


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