Viral video: BLACKPINK’s Lisa gets her name on Hollywood’s ‘Walk Of Fame’

Viral video: BLACKPINK’s Lisa gets her name on Hollywood’s ‘Walk Of Fame’

The big news is that Blackpink Lisa’s name is written on one of the stars in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

As per the report on, A BLINK on TikTok named @imliliyellow posted a video of Lisa’s name is spelled out in gold letters onto one of the stars on Hollywood’s famous street. The video currently has over 1 million views!

It’s not official (yet). In the video, Lisa’s name is being written onto a star that has a film camera on it! This symbol designates an artist recognized for their work in film. Furthermore, there’s an Oscar award on the star; the Oscars are for achievements in film. And though Lisa’s “LILI’s Film”s are truly masterpieces, she’d most likely get a music-related star!

There are over 2000 stars on the Walk of Fame, with hundreds of them blank to make room for future notable figures in entertainment. In case you’re wondering how to nominate someone, it’s actually pretty straightforward! There are a few criteria (5+ years in the industry, professional achievements, contributions to the community, etc.) but they can be nominated by anyone, including fans.

Though Lisa has not officially made it in the elite group, the vision seen by BLINK can well become true!!

Watch this space at for updates.

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