Waiting nervously for the flowers to bloom

Waiting nervously for the flowers to bloom

Friday, November 20, 2020, 08:17 AM (GMT + 7)

Miss Ha Kieu Anh likened the contestants of Miss Vietnam 2020 at the beginning, when they just entered the semifinals, like jiggly flower buds. Gradually, in the process of training and learning the skills, they came to an end until the finale.

Judge Ha Kieu Anh: Thrilled to wait for flowers to bloom - 1

Miss Ha Kieu Anh

There is only a little time left until the finale, but you still look very tense in the role of BGK?

This year, the candidates’ ground is all high, so it is even more difficult for the panel to choose the most beautiful person. But in general, we are stressed out every year. In 2018, the BGK also had a meeting until 4:00 am, I went home to sleep for a while.

It is known that the grading process has started from the Preliminary round, by this point, who top 5, who top 10 have already formed?

Honestly, up to this point, the faces with high scores are just too confused, the final result depends on the finale.

Although the panel judges contestants from the first days, and always closely follows them, the results will always be known until the last minute because candidates will change every day. I remember there was a year almost G now, the results are still going to be announced soon, there are still changes.

Some contestants shared that their bodybuilding index changed when they got in the inner circle, some lost weight, some reduced their waist to 4-5cm … Please ask, does this increase their fitness score. of them before the finals or not?

Yes. Before the final night, there is always one more face-to-face meeting of the BGK with contestants to see if their physique after two months of practice has changed. In other words, the BGK will score until before the announcement of the Miss and Runner list.

Which beauty do you personally like: Classic or modern?

Modern or traditional beauty is both beautiful, the question is whether there are beautiful people or not. For example, Tieu Vy, in the Preliminary, immediately stood out. Choosing Miss can not go the way: I just like classic or modern beauty, but have to improvise, appropriate to reality. We have to choose the best person in the contest, not the beauty that we like.

It is known that this year the Organizers intend to improve the level of the contestants in the next round. Thus, will candidates with high education have priority?

Miss of course must be beautiful, have a harmonious body. However, there are other factors added to it: for example behavior score, bare face, performance style, compassionate heart, and everyday demeanor with those around you. Choose a Miss must have talent, integrity. If she is beautiful but does not have a warm heart, or behaves poorly, those flaws can ruin the title of Miss.

Having been crowned for many years, how do you feel before each beauty queen?

Even when I’m not a judge, watching TV at home, I still get excited and excited. HHVN is the place where I grew up, it has greatly contributed to the building up of who I am today, I always feel it is something very precious, sacred and close.

Thank you!

Miss Tran Tieu Vy:

Warm heart makes the value of Miss

Judge Ha Kieu Anh: Thrilled to wait for flowers to bloom - 2

Miss Tran Tieu Vy. Photo: Nhu Y

Before G, Tieu Vy said she was also nervous, curious to know who the new Miss. Although a little sad, but Miss 2018 still hopes Miss Tan is a sincere girl. According to Vy, education can be fostered, body can be improved, only a warm heart is something “cannot pretend”.

Summarizing her term, Vy said: At first, I faced many difficulties, was not used to speech, many schedules had to go continuously. In general, it is quite difficult to get used to the life of a Miss – who is in public.

However, the Miss Crown gives Vy the opportunity to change people, become more mature, learn more and more bravery.

The best thing about the crown, according to Tieu Vy, is that it has helped the community and society, in a stronger and more effective way. “Before, I also wanted to help but I did not have enough money, my family did not have enough money, in the past I could only give a little, now Miss can donate a lot, help more people,” she said. conclusion.

Source: https://www.tienphong.vn/hoa-hau/giam-khao-ha-kieu-anh-hoi-hop-cho-hoa-no-1752523.tpo

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