Warning of danger for young people

Warning of danger for young people

Do movie violence because of the audience’s permissiveness?

According to our research, nearly 2 years ago, on social networking sites, there have been many films with slightly violent directions, these films were shown on web dramas and attracted many viewers. especially young audiences that no one is managing. Even more violent films, the more violent they will be voted (voted – PV) to be on the chart.

Events - Youtube Gypsy Movie: Warning of danger to young people

Thu Trang’s Tam Thap Muoi film received mixed opinions due to its violent element.

Accordingly, web drama is a form of free web drama, it is easy to see that many films with keywords such as: Big Brother, Gypsy … are “making a storm”, the content of these films is the cheap fighting phase, showing off the dragon tattooed body, full of phoenixes, such as: The Godfather of the Border, Touching the Gypsy, The Gypsy Blood … or some movies: Merchant, let go of his hand, Death will bear, New order, The Four Daughters, People of Gypsy, Hieu wharf, The big brother went to school… many films with the participation of some famous actors and comedians such as Viet Huong, Nam Thu, Lam Chi Khanh, Ho Quang Hieu …

Sharing with PV The Law Informer, director Tien Minh said: “In the past few years, many directors and actors have been“ enamored ”to make movies shown on YouTube, including films with bold characteristics. Gypsy, fighting. After the film Cho Lon Dynasty was banned because of too many violent scenes, the producers immediately turned to exploitation. They don’t make movies for theaters anymore, but make movies to show online. On YouTube channel, no one controls the content and the ease of the crowd helps the funniest movie stream to satisfy the taste and seek profit from advertising. In fact, any movie with many aggressive scenes, fighting, the more curious audiences find it, but mainly young audiences, this is very dangerous for the new generation because the violence will “eat up”. into their thoughts. This distorted thinking needs to be corrected. ”

Before the question, does the rampant appearance of the web drama “million views” affect the artistry and artistic standards of traditional movies? Director Vu Hong Son said: “I think it will not be enough to influence. Because the film is artistic or not is to go to life, to have a message. The heat of the family drama, Go home is an example. This shows that authentic movies, art movies always have their own life without porn or violence. The most dangerous thing about movies showing poor quality millions of views is harming viewers’ eyes, especially young people. Besides, it makes many young people, after participating in a few episodes, playing a few hot scenes, revealing clothes also identify themselves as young actors, young artists, making the definition of actors not. standards in the public eye … “.

Events - A gangster-style movie on Youtube: A warning of danger to young people (Figure 2).

Director Vu Hong Son.

Director Hong Son added: “There is a fact that movies shown on the Internet if there are high views, advertising revenue also increases. But the important thing is that the content of those movies is much more difficult to manage than many movies or dramas. YouTube now has movie labels, too, if the movie is too violent, there are feedback, but the important thing is that they still let the movie with a bit of a vague feel so young people keep watching indifferently and there are children who imitate the this film, causing very serious consequences “.

Warning of danger if young people watch and imitate

Film producer Tung Linh said: “It has never been easier to make a movie like now, just a superficial script, some” grass “actors, without being very famous can have a movie. Setting up a website or a fanpage on social networks is very easy, no need to ask anyone for permission. If you are careful, stick at the bottom of the page with the words “running tests”, testing for … hundred years is fine. Movies to be broadcast on this platform are the same, no need to ask for permission, just put them online. There is a paradox that these films have a few hundred times more viewers than movies on television and movies. Maybe young people’s tastes have changed now? We also find it dangerous if young people watch and imitate the characters in the movie.

Events - Youtube Gypsy Movie: A warning of danger to young people (Figure 3).

Comedian Viet Huong also participated in the movie Death, so he suffered scenes of fighting and gangs.

Recently, in addition to the gangster and violent films made by some artists, some films with a bit of violent direction also have the participation, even the “investor” of some artists. Lake has a number with real life such as: Duong “Nhue”, Dung “bald”, “holy cursing” Duong Minh Tuyen, Giang “dragon”, Huan “rose” … Common points of movies shown on the internet of these characters are violent videos, rent collection …

The street “Nhue” has been in many projects introduced in the series of movies and gangsters such as: Touching faces of wanderings 1, 2; Gypsy law; Billionaire override giants, Gangster – Gypsy… A paradox is that in real life, “Nhue” Street violates the law, but on the film, he appears as a “monument”. Segments that feature Tang “Nhue” were assigned critical times by the director, like the one in a movie Before the purge between the two factions, before someone’s blade was lowered to destroying the weaker, Duong “Nhue” is present to analyze right and left, human morality. In general, whenever Duong “Nhue” appeared, he was like a respected hero. Later, when Duong “Nhue” was involved in the labor circle, people panicked because the previous films of this Gypsy were unrealistic and opposed to real people.

Events - A gangster-style movie on Youtube: A warning of danger to young people (Figure 4).

Duong “Nhue”, Phu Le has participated in a number of films about Gypsy.

Phu Le is also a gangster in the same direction as Duong Nhue, and has been dubbed a singer and actor by the online community after a number of self-projects. invest, shown on YouTube. In 2 parts of the movie Touch the Gypsy, Phu Le is built into a character rich in altruism, always thinking of brothers, filial to her mother. In addition, Cu Thoc, who was arrested for drug use in April 2019, also participated in the film project of Phu Le. In addition to movies, Phu Le also tried his best in the music field Life is like that, Sand dust life… hit terrible views. Only when Phu Le was investigated by the police for intentionally causing injury and disrupting public order in August 2020, did many people “fall back” that they seem to be “cheated” when watching. it is a real filmmaker … Gypsy?

The desire to contribute to the arts is what everyone supports. However, there are many people who are tired of working as an artist nowadays. In particular there is an adoration of the violence as well as the realistic charges of these movies. Products like this are just a way for gangsters to “bleach” themselves, but for artistic purposes not necessarily. Later, the above characters have been arrested by the authorities. Because of legal violations, many people feel regret for supporting these videos.

Talk about the hole in the movie gangster On the internet, writer Khanh Ha said: “Online screenings do not have anyone to manage the content, anyone who wants to make any movie is okay, this is a“ gap ”that managers need to consider carefully otherwise. Many films have “dirty” content for young people. It is easy to see that when you put up movies with proper and educational content, there are no viewers, but movies with fighting content, cheesy, even having sex elements, the number of viewers skyrocketed.

Since the sitcom treatment Apartments 69 (2014) up to now, the authorities in Vietnam are still very confused, only when the public speaks up, the inspector, the police step in, they will handle it. Social media is still a challenging space, needing more drastic involvement of authorities or chaos will happen ”.

The audience should be wise critics

Sharing with PV The Law Messenger, Mr. Vi Kien Thanh – Director of the Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) said: “Currently the Cinema Law is being revised, so it is difficult to say anything. If the law has been enacted, then it will be handled by the law. In October 2020, the new Law will be submitted to the 1st National Assembly and if passed, it will take effect until 2022. The current solution is that audiences should boycott these films because it also affects the lifestyle of young people. But to be honest, directors who want to show off their talents don’t make violent gangster movies either. The audience needs to be wise film critics.

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