Amanda Seyfried: 15 Surprising Facts You Never Knew

1. Amanda Seyfried's first job was at an animal shelter.

She is a skilled whistler and can even whistle with her tongue

Seyfried is a trained opera singer and used to perform in various stage productions.

She is a big fan of the TV show "Game of Thrones"

Seyfried is a huge fan of astrology and has a deep interest in horoscopes and zodiac signs

She enjoys knitting in her free time and often makes scarves and hats for her friends and family.

Amanda has a tattoo of the word "minge" on her foot, which means "vagina" in British slang

She has a fear of mirrors and avoids looking at herself in them whenever possible

Seyfried was initially hesitant to accept her role in the movie "Mamma Mia!" because she was afraid of singing in front of others

She is fluent in German and has frequently acted in German-language films

Amanda is a vegan and has been a vocal advocate for animal rights

She once dated her "Mamma Mia!" co-star, Dominic Cooper, for several years

Seyfried is a big fan of the band ABBA, whose music is featured in "Mamma Mia!"

She is also a talented horseback rider and has competed in equestrian events