ChatGPT Rival Google Bard Is Now Available In India: 5 Facts You Must Know


Google has teamed with Adobe Firefly to let users make photos with a single command.

Plugin Support

Similar to GPT-4, Google will provide support for add-ons including Wolfram, Khan Academy, ZipRecruiter, OpenTable, Kayak, and OpenTable. Google will also provide Bard access to features from its other apps, such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, Maps, and others.

Coding Upgrades

Google is updating Bard by taking into account developer input. The search engine giant is improving source citations, introducing support for a dark theme, and enabling the export and execution of code using our Replit.According to Google, Bard has already mastered more than 20 programming languages, including Google Sheets, Python, C++, Go, Java Script, and Ruby.


Google Bard will soon have the ability to answer questions using photos, which will make finding what users are looking for a lot easier.


The most recent language model from the business, termed PaLM2, is presently used by Google Bard. Recent advancements in Bard's coding, advanced maths, and thinking abilities have been made possible by the transition to PaLM 2.

Google Bard: 5 Facts About ChatGPT Rival

At the I/O 2023 conference, Google unveiled updated functionality for its Bard chatbot. Bard was only accessible in the US and the UK via a waitlist when it first opened to the public in February of this year. Now it is available in more than 180 nations and territories, including India. Scroll the gallery ahead to find out 5 facts you must know about it.