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Our expert web designers offer website redesign service that features improved graphic outlook, improved usability along with the streamlined overall credibility of the existing online presence.

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Web Site Redesign Tools and Checklists
Just check your web site and ask your designer whether he/she has followed this steps while designing your web site. If not then let us design your web site and feel the difference.
We follow certain strict rules while designing a web site for our clients so that it can help them to boost their sales by attracting the attention of a visitor which ultimately end up in becoming their potential customers.
Follow these Tools and Check List and improve your web site accordingly:-

1) Look and Feel of your web site
The look and feel forms a very important part of your web site to hold a person’s attention. First, you have to decide what is the mood or emotion you want to display Through your web site medium. It can professional, technical, academic or anything else.
Keep these adjectives in mind before designing/redesigning your web site, because your web site is the face of your company.

2) Target audience
Decide the top three categories of visitors visiting your web site. Try to get into their shoes and think like them. Write a few words that might interest these people and cause them to respond to your web site.

3) Research on your competitors
One should always learn from their past mistakes and swear upon themselves not to repeat them again. Likewise, you should analytically at competitors web site and get ideas about the latest web design, technology and communication concepts. You should also make notice of the particular keywords they are using to attract the attention of people coming to search engines.

4) Why people should visit your web site
List at least five reasons that why should people visit your web site. They should come to your web site for some information or are in need of your company’s product or service or it can be some other reason.

5) Is your web site attractive enough
A visitor who visits your web site should find something interesting which will force him/her to come back to your site. Try to find out something which will force the visitor to bookmark your site. Write or design your web site in such a manner that will be remembered about your web site.

6) Brainstorming Session
Do collect different ideas not only from the stakeholders of your web site but also from your friends and other related people about how to improve your web site. Write down those ideas that came from brainstorming sessions and try to use them to improve your web site.

7) Critically analyze your existing web site
To improve anything one should always try to find negative things.
Same goes for your web site also. Just sit down with your team and critically evaluate your existing web site and try to find out the success and failure of your site. Honestly ask your people what is missing which makes your web site look less attractive. Write down the points and start working on them.

8) Content
If it is said that content is the king of your web site which can take your company to greater heights it would not at all be wrong. This is probably why people come to your web site to collect much needed information. The content should be well written, grammatically correct so that it communicates what it is supposed to. Designing a high quality web site is a team effort which starts with selecting the right people who know their job properly. Be it a talented web designer or a web programmer or the web site content writer.
So in a nutshell the job of the content writer is equally important as that of a web designer.

9) Role of search engines
Search engines analyze the key words which are written using Meta Tags in the web site code. One should always design a web site keeping in kind the to get good rankings on a search engine with different keywords. Since many pages on your web site can be indexed with a search engine this becomes an important strategy in attracting visitors.

10) Analyze Visitors Keywords
First, decide on your target audience. After that try to make out what are the probable keywords which they use on different search engines. It will be of no interest if you are not getting the right people at your web site because they are not your target. So redesign your web site and move the site content, design and promotion towards the target audience

11) Personal Interest
Some of the visitors may be interested in knowing your company over and above the information which they got from your web site. Some people may want to know how does the office of this company look like? If you answer them truly then it may help to build credibility, trust and above all long term business relationship which every business strives for. You can post a Newsletter or current projects or even write a short biography about your employees.

12) Speed
Internet speed is still considered to be a major bottleneck on the internet. If a visitor is connected through a dial up and not through a broadband connection then only a small amount of information can travel through a phone line. This is what limits the size of pictures, amount of sound and many other aspects of the internet. It happens very rarely when the visitor will wait for the web page to get completely downloaded. You should try to make your web site as light as possible. Just remove any picture or animation which makes your site heavy & acts as a bottleneck for its fast downloading.

13) Components
All modern and advanced web sites today are taking full advantage of the components like a discussion forum , poll survey , guest books chat modules etc. While designing or redesigning a web site you should always keep in mind of how to make use of these components for an added advantage.

14) Is you Web site helping you to make a good business with your clients
At the time of designing a web site, you should always think from the point of view of your visitor/customer. Try to put yourself in his shoes and try to find a piece of information and ask yourself twice, how easy it was to reach that information. If there were long steps to reach that information, try cutting those steps short. Also, make the steps of ordering an information short.

15) The last and the most important is to find out the Right set of people to design 
When you visit a web site, you may always feel that there is something missing in that web site. May be something is missing in the text material and or the images or the animation is lacking the much needed punch.
So always select a team with a right blend of professional people having the right mix of experience and talent. Do not regret a poor decision in choosing who redesigns your web site.