West Andrea model attracts attention with short jeans

West Andrea model attracts attention with short jeans

Sunday, August 15, 2021 11:00 AM (GMT+7)

With this dangerous design pants, many Vietnamese beauties have caused controversy.

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Model Andrea Aybar is always loyal to sexy fashion style.

An Tay, real name Andrea Aybar Carmona, is one of the foreign long legs who have been active in Vietnamese showbiz since she was a teen model. She followed her father to Vietnam to live from the age of 2, with the Vietnamese name Le Thi Thuy An. Possessing a height of 1.75m and a beautiful body, with an impressive face, Andrea has received many advertising and show contracts.

As a lingerie model, bikini is quite famous, so it can be said that Andrea is not afraid of sexy items. Even her way of dressing has made others blush many times because she is too bold and liberal when she is not yet 18 years old. After many years of silence, recently Andrea Aybar returned to the sexy and attention-grabbing race track.

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She caught the eye with bold cut jeans.

Recently, on her personal page, model Andrea Aybar shared a series of sexy images that attracted the attention of netizens. Accordingly, long legs born in 1995 wear bold cut short jeans. With these “wearable” pants, Andrea quickly received both compliments and humorous comments. After that, she had to hastily “justify”: “These are beach pants, guys, but because of the epidemic, I only wear them to the balcony as far as possible.”

This weird type of jeans has not only appeared recently, but it has become an item that many women have pocketed. Of course, this item is only for those who have personality and like sexy style and want to attract attention. Not only a matter of aesthetics, these pants also make people look embarrassed because the bold opening when cutting is quite dangerous.

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Elly Tran also caused controversy when wearing these pants.

It’s a variation of random ripped and cut-out jeans designs, but compared to the past when jeans were highlighted with tear lines in the front, this ripped jeans trend is a sexy cut. even considered a bit “overhand” when the right sensitive position is round 3. However, because the incisions are “quite dangerous” right below the 3rd round, if they are not careful, they can easily cause them to fall into an awkward situation. hey, revealing lingerie.

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The pants are easy to attract attention because of the cut-out lines in a rather sensitive position.

West Andrea model attracts attention with short jeans - 5

These pants every time they appear, they cause heated debates about personality or objection.

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