What Are the Sagittarius’ Strengths & Weaknesses?

What Are the Sagittarius’ Strengths & Weaknesses?

The stars on the day of your birth can influence your personality and future.

That’s why getting an astrology birth chart reading can be so helpful. If you’re a Sagittarius and not sure what that means, here’s a breakdown.

What Do Sagittariuses Excell At?

This sun sign is known for its love of life and adventure. Never timid, Sagittariuses take life by the horns and always get what they want. This immense energy attracts others and sets this zodiac up for success in business, relationships and personal growth.


Sagittariuses don’t care what others think about them. This confidence lets them find true happiness, as they’re more interested in personal goals than keeping up with the Joneses. Their resourcefulness also makes them the perfect small business owners.


Sagittariuses are an open book. When meeting a Sagittarius for the first time, most people are struck by the following characteristics:

  • Innate honesty
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • Acceptance of others

This openness is what makes Sagittariuses so enthralled with freedom — they want to see as much as they can. It also helps them make friends easily, which may assist with career advancement.


Of all the zodiac, Sagittarius is the first to jump on a new opportunity. This sign’s confidence helps them take chances that frighten others but pay off in the end.


Sagittarius is a good luck sign, and that shows in its unfailing optimism. Individuals with this sun sign always look on the bright side and see mistakes as opportunities to grow. After all, tomorrow is a new day, and anything can happen.

What Do Sagittarius Need Help With?

The flip side of Sagittarius’s lust for life is a tendency to wander. This sun sign is at risk of never accomplishing anything because it flits from one project to the next. When left to their own devices, Sagittariuses tend to struggle with the following.


Unfortunately, Sagittariuses get bored quickly. Their thirst for new experiences makes it difficult to focus on the current objective. As a result, many Sagittariuses don’t see their dreams through.

The good news is, you can channel the need for fresh experiences into creativity and productivity. If you get bored with the same-old, same-old, then you can transform your workspace or business with intriguing new programs and products.


Planning isn’t Sagittariuses’ forte, which means they may struggle with budgeting and scheduling. If you’re having issues with finances, a money psychic reading can help you get your accounts in order. If planning events and getting your to-do list completed are obstacles, you can try talking to a life path psychic about focusing on the future.

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