What it feels like to fall in love.

What it feels like to fall in love.

The morning skyline crosses my face,

As the warmth of the sun hits my skin

For all I feel is secure and alive.

I have made it another day.

The gleaming light shines so brightly in your eyes

It is a view I shall never get tired of.

You slowly start to glow.

As if you are an angel next to me to make this feel like home

I cannot help but smile

Although it felt like days, months, years, or the eternity of time

It was only two minutes with you

watching the world complete another round

Seeing the secondary colors shine through

The beams of gold soar through the sky

All I could think of was just the light shining on you

And how your smile

It would still be more blinding than the eclipse

But now we watch the primary colors fade in

The glow on your skin is now going away in the golden hour

Lying down as the ball of light began to set

Watching the million dots above us

And seeing the constellations align forming Aries and Leo

I then look to you

Although the light is gone

It is still in your smile

Showing the universe does work in my favor

And that I got to spend another day with you.

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