What You ACTUALLY Need For Your College Dorm Room

What You ACTUALLY Need For Your College Dorm Room

“What to bring to college?” the eternal debate. It’s a fine line of wants and needs, and not wanting to forget something you’ll wish you brought while also avoiding extra clutter of things you’ll never use. Thus, I am providing a list of things left off the checklist of laundry hampers and mattress toppers (yes, please get these) of the items you will use.

1. Multiple phone chargers


Honestly, I’d say ideally have three: one near your bed, one near your desk, and one for your bag. You’ll be on the go a lot, and a phone without battery will quickly mess up your day. Plus, this way when one charger inevitably breaks, you always have a backup.

2. A trash can without holes

3. Trash Can

Step one is to figure out if your dorm comes equipped with trash and recycling cans, because if not that’s a definite necessity. Equally important, however, is to ensure that trash can has no holes. You will probably be throwing up in it at some point, and when you’re already emptying your stomach on a dorm room floor, you don’t need a second problem to deal with. Long story short: no holes.

3. Picnic blanket


At the very least a blanket you’re comfortable with getting dirty. When it’s nice out, everyone will be outside on whatever version of a college green you have, and you don’t want to get one of your sheets or nice blankets dirty. Have one just for grass and spills – I promise you’ll use it.

4. Themed things

Old Halloween costumes, things from the Fourth of July, anything you wore for a themed football game? Bring it! Stuff it all into a little bin for themed things and it will save you so much money not having to go out and purchase something new for every themed party.

5. Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts Sweaters Exhibition – Free photo on Pixabay

While you really don’t need to bring any t-shirts to college, you will live in sweatshirts. Bring enough that you can get through one laundry cycle with, but probably not any with your high school on them. Those Pinterest lists make it seem like you’ll be publicly shamed if you wear high school things, and while that’s really not the case, it’s an easy way to limit yourself. Overall, don’t bring every single one you own, just enough to stay comfortable.

6. Ice cube tray

1. Cube Ice

But really. Britta filters can take up a ton of space when you only have a mini-fridge, and room temperature water just isn’t really it. I have the silicon ones that are thin so they fit in any water bottle and are easy to pop out. Stick them in ur freezer and just refill whenever – total life saver!

7. Multiple water bottles

Start Using Reusable Water Bottles

For my final tip, I’d recommend 3-4. One for water to stay by your bed, one to take with you, and two for non-water essentials, like coffee or other drinks. This way your water bottles stay clean for water, and you can always be hydrated.

While these are my essentials, you know yourself best so just plan accordingly. No matter what you bring, you’ll have an amazing experience.

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