What Your Green Says About You: Ohio University Edition

What Your Green Says About You: Ohio University Edition

While there are no bad greens at Ohio University, they all have a unique vibe. Here’s yours.

1. West Green


Do you have the best dining hall? Absolutely. Do you have the best dorms? Not quite. West Green is for people who want to make a lot of friends, but then stick to talking to those friends alone. You bask in the quiet joy of having the prettiest green on campus, and you probably go for runs. You’re likely a nursing major or some sort of science. And you definitely abuse the frozen yogurt machine in Boyd.

2. Dirty South

5 Truths And Misconceptions About Living In Dirty South

Dirty South gets its name for a reason. You may not care about aesthetics, and your room may be a bit of a mess, but in looking past the superficial, you’re able to find a lot of fun. That said, you’re always late to things, and you don’t go out as much simply because it’s a longer walk. You rarely eat at Boyd, and you for sure try to convince your friends that the concrete bridges are “actually really nice you guys!”

3. New South


Despite being roped in with Dirty South on location alone, these are the nicest dorms on campus. You may have gotten kicked out of your coveted second-year spot last year when they made your nice new room a COVID suite, but had you gotten to live there it would’ve been in luxury. You love that you’re right near Ping, even when you don’t use it, and you’re a convenient middle man between both dining halls. You fly a little under the radar, but once someone notices you, they realize you’re one of the coolest people on campus.

4. East Green


Despite having no dining hall, East stays the superior green on campus. They’re close enough to everything to have fun and are some of the friendliest people on campus. There are plenty of pets on East, and while it’s a younger green, it’s a lot of fun. Plus, they all have amazing legs from taking Jeff hill eight times a day.

5. Off Campus


You’re an upperclassman, and you were very excited to move into your apartment with your friends, only to discover the big apartment buildings in a town like Athens are basically dorms but farther away. At least you get your own bathroom! You tend to keep to yourself and your friends during the week and then go into town like crazy on weekends. You’re currently “learning” to cook. Unless, of course, you’re in a Greek Life house, in which case you’re going crazy every night, and you still can’t cook at all.

6. North Green

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