What’s next for Baldur’s Gate 3: over 1,000 ‘fixes and tweaks,’ official mod tools, requested features

Following Baldur’s Gate 3’s wildly successful PC launch and a few bug-squashing hotfixes, Larian CEO Swen Vincke says that the D&D RPG will get one more hotfix (there have been three so far) before its first big patch, which will include “+1,000 fixes and tweaks.” That patch will then be followed by—and you might’ve been able to guess this—another patch, one which’ll start to respond to player suggestions.

“We’re all very enthused by your feedback. It’s very rewarding,” wrote Vincke. “Our focus now is fixing any issues you report, but we are listening to suggestions. Current roadmap: a) Hotfix 4, b) Patch 1 (+1000 fixes and tweaks), c) Patch 2. The latter will already incorporate some requests.”

(Image credit: Swen Vincke)

In an interview with PC Gamer last week, Vincke also confirmed that official mod tools are on the way, which is slightly juicer news than ‘game will get patches.’ We mentioned that tidbit in an article last week about Larian’s absence of expansion plans, but I didn’t shout about it too much because I’d hoped to get clarification on the nature of the mod tools. 

I’m still waiting on that, so for now I’m not sure whether Vincke was talking about the kind of tools the studio released for Divinity: Original Sin 2—a complete campaign-building toolset—or something smaller, like an official solution for unpacking and converting the game’s files. Vincke said in the interview that Baldur’s Gate 3 mod support is “going to improve dramatically” once the PS5 release is out of the way, which sounds promising, but temper expectations for now.

Even without those official tools, Baldur’s Gate 3 is friendlier to modders than a lot of games, and there are unofficial tools (I’ve been messing with game files using the LSLib Converter App). Chris just pointed out a mod that stuffs every weapon and armor piece in the game into a barrel and delivers it to your camp, and you’d better believe that penis enlargement mods are a thing.

Returning to the topic of future updates, we also recently learned from Larian director of publishing Michael Douse that a method for changing your character’s appearance mid-game is “cooking.” That much-requested feature is one I’d expect to see in the second big patch Vincke mentioned, since that’s the one he said will “incorporate some requests.”

Source:IGN Gaming

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