When BLACKPINK’s Lisa Got Candid About Work, The Effects Of Covid, And Much More

When BLACKPINK’s Lisa Got Candid About Work, The Effects Of Covid, And Much More

BlackPink, the famous South Korean girl band, has now risen to be the leading female K-Pop sensation in the world. One of the members Lisa is considered as one of the top artists. Lisa has done wonders in the industry, undoubtedly.

As per reports in Pink Villa, Lisa got candid about work, the effects of COVID and more in a chat with Allure magazine. She was quoted saying, “My work is amazing because many people love me as I am. I love myself, too. I don’t want to lose this for the rest of my life.” Pondering over the effects of COVID-19 on the band’s music, she said, “We’re in a situation where we can’t do much for the sake of everyone’s health and safety, so I’m also being careful. It’s a shame that we can’t meet our fans in person, but we’re working hard on preparing to impress fans further.”

Back in January 2020, Lisa opened up to Elle Korea about her fellow BLACKPINK members. She said, “When I think about the time before our debut, I feel something like, ‘We had a lot of fun practicing back then!’ I’m the type to always get nervous before I go on stage, but when I see my members, I gain strength.” She also talked about her role as the “happy virus” in the group and said, “I really like to play pranks and jokes. I work hard to have fun, be happy, and enjoy the day wherever I am.”

Lisa is scheduled to appear as a mentor on the third season of Chinese survival program “Idol Producer.” She said, “I want to share everything I’ve learned until now and help people.”

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