Where to find 1R-ONC-LAD’s robot crates in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

It’s not every day a robot sends you to find photo locations but then, it’s not every day that you get to visit Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077 either. As luck would have it, that is exactly where the Phantom Liberty DLC takes you, but it’s entirely possible you’ll miss this neat little sidequest as it’s not part of the main story.

Once you arrive at the stadium market, shortly after starting the quest that introduces you to the Phantom Liberty expansion, you are free to look for the beaten-up robot named 1R-ONC-LAD. Clearly, he’s seen better days but you can help fix him up by finding the crates shown in the messages he sends you. All that said, here’s where to find each of  Cyberpunk 2077 robot photo locations. 

Cyberpunk 2077 1R-ONC-LAD photo locations 

At the far end of the market, near the vehicle dealers, you’ll find a sparking robot in a shipping container called 1R-ONC-LAD. It’s difficult to spot but you’ll likely hear the sparks before you see it. From the main market area and before you head down the stairs into the area selling cars, look to your right and you should see the container with a couple of people sitting outside. 

After you examine the robot, jack into the terminal to the left of it and he’ll start sending you messages with pictures of crates you need to locate. Each time you find one, make sure to reply to his message so you get the next photo. 

Here are the robot crate locations:

Image 1 of 11Look for the first crate outside the deButchery Store. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)First crate location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Find the second crate inside the MED Store. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Second crate location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)The third crate is close by Harold’s gun shop. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Third crate location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Find the fourth in Sophia’s gun shop. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Fourth crate location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Fourth crate location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)The fifth crate is near 1R-ONC-LAD’s location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Fifth crate location. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Find the first one just outside the deButchery Store on the upper level of the market, on the left if you’re heading from the direction of the robot. Grab the Robot Software from inside the crate.The second crate is in the MED Store on the opposite side of the upper level to the first one. Look to the left of the counter on top of some larger crates.The third crate is close by Harold’s gun shop. Look for the big walker security robot to the right of the counter, past the pile of shells behind it, and you’ll find the item in the open Militech crate. It’s pretty hidden so you won’t see it until you’re close.The fourth box is in Sophia’s gun shop. Head to the left of the counter and jump onto the pile of weapon cases to find it tucked behind them.The fifth box is near 1R-ONC-LAD’s location. Head down the stairs and up the other side to the food stall with the hanging lanterns. The crate is to the right of the counter, though it’s pretty hidden—you can just make it out in the screenshot above. 

Once you’ve grabbed the last crate, you’ll have to head back to 1R-ONC-LAD to upload the final data, but make sure you read the last message first or you won’t get the prompt when you get there.

After reading the logs revealing his backstory, you can either leave him alone, wipe his memory, or if you have 14 Intelligence you can reprogram him. Both leaving him alone and wiping his memory get you nothing, while reprogramming him will have him play the guitar for you. Maybe he’s a fan of Johnny Silverhand?

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