Where to sell all your space junk in Starfield

Wondering where to sell all that junk you’ve accumulated in Starfield? Bethesda’s RPGs are generally an absolute loot fest as you stockpile weapons, armour, and whatever precious items you can find that aren’t nailed down. Starfield is no different. With a ship of your own and a cozy cargo hold, you can pack it to the gills with valuables and ill-gotten gains, including contraband

The only problem is knowing where to sell these items in Starfield. The first city you’re likely to visit, New Atlantis, isn’t exactly packed with vendors, and even when you do head to the Commercial District, it’s slightly unclear what’s a corporate office and where you can actually offload some stuff. Here, I’ll explain some of the best places to sell your Starfield junk and lighten that cargo hold.

Where to sell items in Starfield

Image 1 of 5Trade Authority Kiosks are your first port of call for selling items (Image credit: Bethesda)There are vendors in the New Atlantis Commercial District (Image credit: Bethesda)Neon is great if you want lots of stores in a small area (Image credit: Bethesda)There are a few stores in Akila City (Image credit: Bethesda)Make sure you befriend the Crimson Fleet before you try and travel to The Key (Image credit: Bethesda)

Depending on how much you’ve got to sell, the best place to initially visit is the Trade Authority Kiosk which can be found near to the Ship Services Technician in most major spaceports. This is pretty handy if you’re encumbered and need a nearby vendor, and you can also sell stuff directly from your ship’s inventory at this terminal. 

If you’ve got a lot more to sell than a kiosk can handle, there are a few other options in the game:

New Atlantis: The first spaceport you travel to in the Alpha Centauri system. You can fast travel straight to the Commercial District once you’ve visited it once, where there are a number of vendors mixed in with the corporate buildings. Outland, UC Distribution, and Whetstone are all pretty close to the tram entrance. There’s also Jemison Mercantile near to where your ship lands. Neon: My personal favourite place for offloading cargo is in the Volii system. If you fast travel into Neon Core after you’ve visited once, all the shops are right there, making it a far speedier way to sell things than running around New Atlantis or another open city. There’s also the big Trade Authority shop, which is one of the best ways to sell contraband if the kiosks can’t afford it. Plus, all those neon signs make it really easy to tell where the vendors are.Akila: This wild west city in the Cheyenne system might not be a bustling metropolis, but there are a few vendors. Shepherd’s General Store can be found on the left as you enter the city, with Rowland Arms just a little further behind it. There’s also a little Trade Authority store to the right behind Galbank.The Key: If you’re prone to piracy, have a bounty on your head, and are friendly with the Crimson Fleet, you might want to head to The Key space station in the Kryx System. Inside, there is a market called The Depot where you can sell your goods. Just make sure you do the Crimson Fleet faction quest before turning up at Kryx, since they’ll vaporise you otherwise.

As said, Neon is definitely your best bet if you’ve got a lot of stuff to offload and don’t want to spend loads of time running from store to store, but any of the above should meet your needs.

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