Where to start On-page SEO optimization

July 15, 2020

by Julia Nesterets

Where to start On-page SEO optimization

If you don`t know where to begin your Tech SEO audit – visit our Ideas section. In SEO Problems you`ll see the list of the most important issues where you should start your SEO optimization. 

In this Use-case video, we`re showing you how to eliminate problematic pages and improve them in order to start getting organic traffic from them. 

  1. How to find Indexable pages that do not get any impressions in SERPs. 
  2. Join the Log files dataset and see which pages among them are not visited by a search bot.
  3. And which of them do not bring any organic traffic
  4. And once we`ve located those pages – you have a lot of opportunities with applying additional filtering to figure out whether these pages are orphaned or not, what is the loading time, what is the number of InLinks and realize how to optimize these problematic URLs.

Find it out by watching the video. And sign up for our 7-days free trial.

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