Who is the girl who is called “Vietnamese beauty national treasure”, wearing a 3 billion watch TV host?

Who is the girl who is called “Vietnamese beauty national treasure”, wearing a 3 billion watch TV host?

Friday, August 20, 2021 03:04 AM (GMT+7)

The brand watch with great value is often used by her on important occasions.

Beautiful image of Huyen My at the backstage of the recording.

Runner-up Huyen My was once praised by the Chinese newspaper with the headline “Vietnam’s national treasure”. After 7 years of coronation, she still maintains an impressive figure. In addition to entertainment activities, Huyen My also tries her hand at the role of TV MC/BTV and many other programs.

Recently, on her personal page, Huyen My posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos for her program. It is known that the program will air every Wednesday. The radiant beauty of the runner-up Miss Vietnam 2014 received countless compliments from fans and colleagues.

More specifically, in the image posted on her personal page, Huyen My chose to wear an expensive branded watch as a highlight. It is known that the watch costs 3 billion VND, belonging to the brand from Switzerland. She first wore this watch when attending an event in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019.

In the following years, Huyen My often used this watch on important occasions. Currently, Huyen My owns a watch collection of up to tens of billions of dong. In particular, the models made from gold, diamond-studded account for a larger number.

Huyen My’s 3 billion dong branded watch attracts all eyes.

As a presenter, in addition to the requirements for costumes, accessories including earrings, watches … are used properly, avoiding distracting the audience when watching. Huyen My’s watch model has a basic color with a design that is not too large, making it convenient for her to use in many different situations.

It is known that the Richard Mille brand watch is the most expensive item in the collection of runner-up Huyen My. Her watch models have different prices, from a few hundred million to several billion dong, belonging to many brands.

Whether wearing sportswear, office wear or when wearing a gorgeous evening dress, Huyen My uses a 3 billion watch as a highlight.

Richard Mille is considered the most expensive watch on the planet. However, many Vietnamese beauties spend billions of dong to own. The watch model Ngoc Trinh is wearing costs about 4 billion VND even though he bought it. It is known that she had to wait a while before she could buy this watch.

Le Quyen shows off a 23 billion VND watch with a brand from Switzerland. Luxurious design, expensive materials bring great value to the “time machine” she owns. The model she wears has a red strap, which stands out on her hand every time she uses it.

Not ashamed of the “vedette” brand name of Vietnamese stars, Ly Nha Ky made fans burst into tears when showing off a 28 billion watch with the same brand from Switzerland. The watch model was launched in 2016, once announced with an impressive number like 40 days of production with 800 hours of processing.

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Chau Anh, also known by another name Chao, owns many expensive brands even though she is only 18 years old.


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