Who was behind this “shadow” sale?

Who was behind this “shadow” sale?

Cinema Department confirmed not to sell movie for international channels

Sharing with PV The Law Messenger, director Bui Tuan Dung said: “I was very surprised when my movie was introduced to show on Netflix but I myself do not know anything, do not know who sold movie? The film was shown on the internet, the filmmakers and managers were very happy. However, my film studio brothers and sisters are getting their salaries cut and the revenue from its intellectual property should be paid to the regulators, so that the people who worked each day really have a right. If the company operates normally, the purchase – sale will be announced at the briefing meeting. But now the studio has been assigned to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, so I do not understand who bought and sold the film silently? ”.

Events - Vietnamese films shown on Netflix: Who is behind this 'darkness' sale?

Director Bui Tuan Dung.

This incident has caused many frustrations for directors and cinematographers. Director Minh Thanh said: “Why is there a story that the film is sold to a foreign channel but the director does not know? A movie shown on the screen is the effort of many people from actors, props, scenes, directors, filming … It’s the efforts of the team, why sell- buy quietly? So does the Department of Cinema know this? As far as I know, the movie purchase and sale must be represented by Party A, if not the Film Studio, then the Cinema Department? So do not know how this sale takes place but the insiders do not know anything? “.

Sharing with PV, Mr. Vi Kien Thanh – Director of the Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) said: “I myself was quite surprised by the information that two films were sold to Netflix. I affirm, the Department does not sell. Death dance and Legendary writers are two state-owned films, namely, owned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, so that the approval of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is required to be published. domestic as well as abroad. If not, then it is wrong ”.

Events - Vietnamese films shown on Netflix: Who is behind this 'darkness' sale?  (Picture 2).

Mr. Vi Kien Thanh – Director of Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).

Mr. Kien Thanh added: “As soon as we got information about these two films, we sent an official letter to the inspector of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to request the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to check the source. provide the above 2 movies for the channel. Currently the inspector is working with stakeholders. At the same time, I also sent an official letter to VFS – Vietnam Feature Film Development and Investment Company (formerly Vietnam Feature Film Studio) to ask them to check and consider whether to provide two films. State order for Netflix issuers?

According to the Cinema Law, new owners have the right to permit the exploitation and use of State-ordered films, using 100% of the State capital. In this incident, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Department of Cinema, which is the state owners for these two films, have no license agreement or written agreement for Netflix to exploit and use. . To trace the origin of films sold from somewhere must take time, because other than the source at the Film Studios and the Cinema Department, the Vietnam Film Institute also keeps, the films of the firm serving the film weeks are also sent to the Department of Culture. Sports and Tourism provinces. Once we find a source of the film, we will handle it ”.

Events - Vietnamese films shown on Netflix: Who is behind this 'darkness' sale?  (Figure 3).

The Legendary Writers DV Truong Minh Quoc Thai participates in.

Film producer Tien Thanh harshly: “Must find out the source of the film for the international channel Netflix, see which source they get the movies, besides the above-mentioned movies, are there any other movies that will be transferred? Movies are art, the more people watch them, the more they can propagate, but everything needs to be clear, it is ridiculous to go to the management unit and director without knowing the movie has been sold. Operation situation The Vietnamese film studio has not yet been resolved. Previously, the feature film studio was a state agency, with funding to make films by the State. Now that the company has been equitized, privatized, but assigned to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to manage, how copyright ownership will be delineated to protect the integrity of the meaning and value of copyright, then property rights, license rights, exploitation right? All need to be clarified or else there will be many movies being bought and sold like “night going”, causing people in the panic “.

The supplier of the film is certified VFS (formerly known as Vietnamese Film Studio)

According to our research, the film supplier for the international TV channel of Netflix is ​​Tfilm Studio. Accordingly, the representative of Tfilm Studio shared that they received films from VFS – the Vietnam Feature Film Development and Investment Company (formerly known as the Vietnam Feature Film Studio). Specifically, Tfilm Studio is an authorized distributor to distribute films and bring cinematographic works such as: Passionate dance, Legendary writers, The smell of burning grass on the Netflix platform.

Events - Vietnamese films shown on Netflix: Who is behind this 'darkness' sale?  (Figure 4).

On Netflix channel, many Vietnamese films are introduced.

In a notice to the media, the representative of Tfilm Studio confirmed that there was a mistake, because in fact the film Death dance by director Bui Tuan Dung is not broadcast on the Netflix channel but the movie is currently released on this channel is Passionate dance. “As a publisher of Vietnamese film content in the Vietnamese and foreign markets on all platforms, Tfilm Studio is proud to contribute to promoting films of historical and humanitarian value to reach the masses. Island audience through a copyrighted cinema platform like Netflix “- Representative of Tfilm Studio expressed.

Also according to Tfilm Studio, this unit works with the Netflix channel on the basis of copyright licensed from VFS – Joint Stock Company invest and develop Vietnamese feature films and commit to comply with all copyright regulations, as well as related copyright papers, to have full legal status to release these films on Netflix. A representative of Tfilm Studio said that through the film dissemination license granted by the Cinema Department, this unit knew that VFS is the owner of the copyright, and is also the unit that is authorized to officially distribute and distribute the films. this. Therefore, the representative of Tfilm Studio said that working with VFS to apply for the right to distribute these films on the Netflix platform is in accordance with the law.

“We want things to be cleared up, Tfilm Studio wants VFS to have solutions to solve problems related to showing these movies on Netflix and ensure the rights granted to Tfilm Studio accordingly. Contract signed between the two sides. We have sent a letter requesting VFS to give us official feedback on the issues raised by the media and the Cinema Department. “- A representative of Tfilm Studio said clearly.

Events - Vietnamese films shown on Netflix: Who is behind this 'darkness' sale?  (Figure 5).

According to supplier Tfilm Studio, Dance of the Death movie is not available on Netflix channel.

Director Ngoc Tuan said: “The VFS – The Joint Stock Company invests and develops feature films Vietnam Movie supply to Netflix should be clarified as to when, when, and how many films to be sent to external units. If they supply the film to outside during the time the Studio is assigned to Culture, Sports and Tourism, it is wrong. If you sell the film to Tfilm Studio while the studio is in charge, what is the reason for not informing director Bui Tuan Dung? Even if you sell one movie, two or three movies, you must be clear, not silly, so dirty “.

Director Bui Tuan Dung added: “I am an artist, so I do not care much about outside. But it’s my “brainchild” so it needs to be clear. After the incident, the Department of Cinema and the Ministry sent a text message asking me and said that they were inspecting this, but the incident was not over. I texted people who used to work as studio managers but they said they had quit, and while they were still working, they didn’t sell my movies to Netflix. Filming has been too hard, but it is too tiring to notice that losing this again ”.

If the violation causes serious consequences, it will still be criminally handled

Mr. Le Thanh Liem – Director General of Legal Department – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: “The ministry is very interested in film copyright, especially on cyberspace. Movie purchase and sale must also be in accordance with Vietnamese law. Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism together with the Ministry of Information and Communication have prepared an inter-agency coordination regulation to protect copyrights well. In terms of legal basis, we have a fairly complete provision in the Intellectual Property Law, if violations cause serious consequences, they will be penalized. But detecting violations is not simple. This is something we will actively pay attention to next time “.

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