Why I Self Terminated My College Internship at Disney World

Why I Self Terminated My College Internship at Disney World

“Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own”


This specific internship is a global program to student’s from all around the world. Tens of thousands of people apply each year, and approximately 12% of college students actually receive an acceptance letter, through the three hard interview processes. I happen to be one of those college kids, who has got accepted twice. Everyone states that the experience is magical, outstanding, and a great opportunity. But, it wasn’t for me.

I am a firm advocate in prioritizing mental health, and happiness. Unfortunately, both of them were draining in Orlando. The opportunity for me to live and experience part of it has been amazing, but it wasn’t worth the struggles that came alongside with it.

One of the biggest reasons was money. To be more specific you get paid $13 per hour, hours are not guaranteed and my schedule was 25 hours per week. I was working inside the kitchen at Pop Century Resort. As a college student, it’s not affordable. You pay approximately $800 per month to live in a shared bedroom at the apartment complex. On top of just rent itself, I have a HEFTY car payment, alongside with car insurance, phone bill, then the basic essentials such as food and gas. Adding the calculations, I would have zero profit of working here, and almost no extra spending money for literally anything.

When I moved to Tallahassee, last year I absolutely hated the traffic and thought it was horrible. But Orlando is just insane with people bouncing all over. I absolutely love low-key, slower pace of life, somewhere to unwind on a backroad, and the small town feelings. But of course Orlando wasn’t that.

Disney has never been my complete lifestyle, and I felt as if I wasn’t myself with being here. I don’t live, laugh and breathe Disney. I make zero judgements for those who are immensely in love with Disney, I am personally just not. I would prefer a beach or mountain vacation prior to a Disney vacation. I never want to lose myself trying to make something out of me that I am not, or try to “fit in” with more than half of the college programers who breathe Disney World.

Due to COVID-19 being in full effect, a lot of things have changed from any Disney vacation pre-COVID. I PERSONALLY don’t believe it is as magical, or any of the full Disney experience. Some of the mandates that have been put into effect at Disney is no character meet and greet, not all the shows are fully back, mask mandates (which is FINE), all interactive experiences have been shut down for the time being, park reservations, and ride closures. While these didn’t affect me per say, it was just the “new” Disney experiences.

I have met some really nice people, friends from all over the world, people from different cultures and people who had different personalities, characteristics, and traits. We all came from around the world, to do and have similar experiences within the Disney College Program. I wish nothing but the best, most magical experiences, and happiness throughout the rest of their times in Orlando.

For me, I am thankful for the opportunity, I’m grateful for the people who supported me alongside the journey through my Disney endeavors, blessed beyond measure for the people who made it more exciting than it actually was. But, I went down there with the mindset of higher expectations, and ended up disappointed. All I can say is I tried it out, and I experienced a dream momentarily.

I have no idea what’s in store for the next chapter of whatever is to come or where I am heading to follow, but I’ll sort it all out. That the thing about life, is everyday you never know what to expect, and something’s come and something’s go. I’m letting Jesus take the wheel, and somewhere along the lines I will stumble along a pathway and embark down it. But for now, I have ZERO idea what’s to follow. But I’ll figure it all out, like I always do.

Just rolling with the punches, and letting whatever happens happen.

“What is coming, is better than what is gone”.

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