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Are you searching for insurance but not sure who to trust or who to believe? Sure, lots of companies these days are advertising low prices, but can they all really be that much lower than each other? And how come none of them discuss the importance of actually covering you and your family properly in the event something unexpected happens? Wouldn’t it be nice to find an insurance agency where they not only treat you like family, but they care about your future?

Hi, I’m David Wilcox, owner of Wilcox Family Insurance Company. The first thing I would like you to know is that all of our agents are salaried and none of them are commissioned. Stop and think about it a minute; Would you rather buy insurance from a “commissioned salesperson” who might be thinking about what is best for them or get advice on the best insurance coverage from someone is focused on what is best for you? Most people have never thought about it that way, but it is a huge difference. In fact, all of our staff are trained to focus on what is best for you and your family. Period!

If you listen to the commercials on the radio and television you will see and hear companies telling you that they can save you more money than the others. But have you stopped to think that it is actually impossible for all of these companies to sell the same insurance at a lower price than each other? The truth is, it is impossible. To give their statements at least a semblance of truth, they do base these (very loosely) on some sample data. But chances are that the insurance they used for their company had low pay-outs, high deductibles, left off many important parts of the cover and other such non-sense. The reality is those low prices rarely if ever appear in real life. It’s simply part of their advertising campaign to convince you to call their agency. May I suggest that you don’t buy into all this “spin” and that instead you focus on buying as an educated buyer? At Wilcox Family Insurance Company, we do our very best to look at your entire situation, offer you all the insurance options, and then let it be your decision on which items to keep (protection) and which ones you want to exclude (where you feel comfortable accepting the risks) to lower your payments. The difference is huge. You receive all the options, you make the decisions, all without pressure or the influence of a commissioned salesperson.

Oh, and something else to consider. When you buy insurance from one of the giant insurance companies, they only offer you coverage from “one” insurance company. The salesperson cannot show you options from other insurance companies that might offer you lower rates and better coverage. Doesn’t it make sense to have someone who is not commissioned help you to find the best possible coverage, at the lowest possible prices from over 100 different insurance companies than a commissioned sales person trying to sell you a policy from just one? Yes, it’s all about having choices. At Wilcox Family Insurance Company, we offer suggestions, but you are the decision maker. We make it easy for you!

Speaking of making it easy for you, when we built this website, my goal was to create something to help educate nice people on how to get a fair deal, good coverage and also learn how not to make mistakes in forgetting certain types of coverage or add-ons. When disaster strikes, I like nothing better than the feeling of knowing I have done my very best to educate people before-hand so that they had the opportunity to get the best coverages before something happened. It helps me feel like we are making a difference in people’s lives.

Incidentally, we have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you want honest advice, low prices and quality coverage please give us a call.

Thank You,

David Wilcox




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