“Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot wears strange style in Elle magazine

“Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot wears strange style in Elle magazine

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 15:51 PM (GMT+7)

Israeli beauty has done a number of fashion shoots for the American version of Elle magazine.

Gal Gadot appears in the latest issue of Elle USA magazine.

Recently, actress Gal Gadot has posted some new photos on her personal page. These are the photo shoots she took for Elle USA magazine. She is one of the 9 beauties representing “Women in Hollywood” selected by Elle magazine.

They are the ones who define resilience. Gal Gadot thanked Elle USA for the opportunity to share her personal stories and inspire women.

Before being known for her role as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot was once Miss Israel 2004.

Not only has a beautiful face, a smile that easily captivates anyone. Gal Gadol also has an outstanding height of 1m78 and a well-proportioned body.

The beauty chose Ralph Lauren’s jacket design for $ 2490 (about 56 million VND), Wolford’s bodysuit costs $ 195 (about 4 million VND), Falke’s tights cost $ 35 (about 800 USD). thousand dong) and Tiffany & Co earrings cost $1200 (about 27 million dong).

Gal Gadol has an impressive outfit combination with a bodysuit, tights and a night jacket.

In another photo shoot, the beauty continued to combine Falke’s tights with Saint Laurent’s bodysuit design, priced at 2490 (about 56 million VND). She wears a cardigan that costs 1790 dollars (about 40 million dong).

Gal Gadol wears Tiffany & Co jewelry for $650 (about VND 14 million) and Jimmy Choo shoes for $595 (about VND 13 million).

Because she combines a short cardigan with a bodysuit, this image is easily misleading.

Regarding personal fashion style, Gal Gadol shows that he is a person who likes simplicity. The beauty does not rule out any style, but comfortably wears what she wants with a positive feminist statement. “Feminism doesn’t mean hating men or burning bras or being against others. First of all, it’s about equality, about freedom of choice.” – she said.

Gal Gadol is not too picky in his outfit choices.

The beauty transforms various images of herself depending on the concept.

Simplicity, comfort in fashion does not always mean sloppy.

Gal Gadot’s minimalist style is quite impressive making her own beauty.

Source: http://danviet.vn/wonder-woman-gal-gadot-dien-style-la-tren-tap-chi-elle-502021271015521949.htm

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