World of Warcraft Reveals Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream

Highlights World of Warcraft’s second major patch for Dragonflight, Guardians of the Dream, introduces a new raid, zone, and chapter to the Dragonflight story. Patch 10.2 features a new zone called the Emerald Dream, filled with tranquil groves, ponds, and twisted landscapes burned by Fyrakk’s Shadowflame. The main story of Guardians of the Dream revolves around stopping Fyrakk’s plan to steal the strength of Amirdrassil, with the help of druidic and draconic allies. New features include UI improvements and a legendary item.

World of Warcraft just revealed Guardians of the Dream, its second major patch for Dragonflight. This massive update adds tons of new content to World of Warcraft, including a new raid, zone, and chapter of the Dragonflight story.

So far in Dragonflight, World of Warcraft players have contended with the Primal Incarnates as they have sought power from ancient research facilities and alternate timelines. Now, they must follow Fyrakk as he assaults the Emerald Dream itself in an effort to steal the strength of Amirdrassil, World of Warcraft’s new World Tree.

Patch 10.2 adds a new zone called the Emerald Dream–a corner of the eponymous, idyllic realm protected by the Green Dragonflight. Though players have visited small chunks of the Dream before, World of Warcraft is finally adding a full-scale area comparable in size to other zones from Dragonflight. This explorable section of the Emerald Dream is full of tranquil groves, playful ponds, and twisted landscapes burned by Fyrakk’s Shadowflame, and features tons of activities, including the Superbloom world event and a new world boss.

wow df emerald dream 10.2

The main story of Guardians of the Dream will feature Vyranoth turning against her Primalist brother Fyrakk and joining Alexstrasza, Tyrande, and others in their defense of Amirdrassil. As the chapters unfold, they will seek to stop Fyrakk’s plan at all costs with the help of many druidic and draconic allies. The battle will come to a head at Amidrassil, the Dream’s Hope–Patch 10.2’s new raid, where World of Warcraft players will finally fight Fyrakk himself.

There are other stories awaiting players in Guardians of the Dream. The Silver Purpose questline involving the reforging of Keeper Tyr will reach its dramatic conclusion, and players can expect a storyline involving the Wrathion and Vyranoth reaching out to the minor draconic factions from World of Warcraft including the Netherwing of Outland and the Thorignir Storm Dragons. As always, the new zone will have tons of side quests and local stories as well.

Guardians of the Dream will also add tons of new features, including further improvements to the UI, a legendary item, and a universal currency upgrade system. A new Renown faction called the Dream Wardens is coming in the patch, allowing players to earn reputation and rewards as they quest across the zone. Additionally, World of Warcraft players can look forward to new Dragonriding races, glyphs, and abilities that synergize with Ground Skimming and Aerial Halt, as well as a Faerie Dragon Drake mount and customizations for the Grotto Netherwing Drake from WoW’s Trading Post. Patch 10.2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but its first build is already on the Public Test Realm.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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