World of Warcraft: How to Get the Reins of Courage

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Patch 10.1.5 continued the story of the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight. The big focus of this patch was easily the new mega-dungeon known as Dawn of the Infinite. In addition to this difficult dungeon, there is a new public event that players can participate in along with the puppy daycare.

While many of these new features were announced and well documented in the launch trailer, some secrets were left for players to discover. One of these was the return of the old Tier 3 armor sets from Naxxramas. But that’s not the only secret for players to discover. Once the secrets of Naxxramas are unlocked, World of Warcraft players can find and obtain a new mount called Valiance.

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Valiance can be found at the stables in the Military Quarter of Naxxramas. But before going after this mount, players will need to do a few small tasks first. There are some new areas for players to explore, but they will require a grappling hook to reach them.


First, go to the outer ring of Naxxramas that connects all four quadrants. Look for a pool of green slime and fish in it to get the Abomination’s Chain. Then go to the Construct Quarter and enter one of the first rooms that contains a bunch of vats. Attached to the bottom of one of the vats is a hook. Finally, go to Arachnid Quarter and kill Great Widow Faerlina to receive Faerlina’s Sewing Kit.

Once all three parts are put together, players can create the makeshift grappling hook. It does not require a profession to create.

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With the improvised hook created, players will be able to access new areas. The improvised hook is considered a skill and is account-wide. Before proceeding, be sure to grab at least two bottles of Stratholme Holy Water from Stratholme before proceeding. Go back to Construct Quarter and kill Thaddius. With the room cleared, go back to the entrance of this room and climb the platform on the left.


Look for a small black object and right-click on it to use the makeshift grappling hook to get there. Turn around and immediately use the next object to grab onto a small platform. Go right and fight to the other platform.


Turn around and look at the green windows to locate another object to grab. Go right and carefully cross the ledge. On the other side of the room is another fight point.


This one is quite tricky to grab, as players need to be right on the absolute edge of the platform to successfully interact with the object and grab it. Step forward and fight your way to the other side. Now carefully head towards the alcove to find the corpse of a goblin named Zackett Skullsmash.

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Select Strathome Holy Water and use it on Zacket Skullsmash. He will offer players a quest that requires them to obtain 20 Invader’s Scourgestones, five Corruptor’s Scourgestones, three Dark Runes, and a Black Coffee. Invader Scourgestones can be obtained by killing bosses in Stratholme and Scholomance. Corruptor’s Scourgestones are acquired by killing bosses in Naxxramas (it doesn’t matter if there are 10 or 25). Dark Runes are a rare drop from enemies in Scholomance. Finally, Black Coffee can be purchased from Kevin Browning in Shattrath City.

Once you’ve gathered all these items, head back to Zacket Skullsmash. Be sure to bring another Stratholme Holy Water as he has gone back to “sleep”. Deliver the items to complete the mission. As a bonus, players will receive an item that can be crafted into bracers for a tier 3 armor set of their choice (provided they have the materials).

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At this point, players will be able to acquire Death Trading Tokens and use them to purchase items from Zacket. Death Trading Tokens can be obtained by trading the following items.

Ten Invader’s Scourge Stones: One Death Coin One Corruptor’s Scourge Stone: One Death Coin 50 Invader’s Scourge Stones: Five Death Coins Five Corruptor’s Scourge Stones: Five Death Coins

Zacket offers a whole selection of items, including recipes for crafting tier 3 armor, if players can afford to buy them. But for Valiance, players will want to gather 30 Death Bargain Tokens and buy Rotten Delicious.

After players complete this quest, Zacket will move to the central chamber at the start of Naxxramas and stay there. No more trips to the Builders’ Quarter will be needed!

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For this next step, make sure you have Naxxramas set to 10-man. Valiance can only be acquired from 10 men. Approach Valiance as shown in the image above and use the Rotten Delicious to feed him Valiance. Approach Valiance to see a slightly different emote when pushed back.

How to Get the Reins of Courage world-of-warcraft-how-to-get-valency11

This emote indicates that players are ready for the final step of this secret. Head towards the arena where Instructor Razuvious is. Use one of the crystals to mind control one of the Death Knights.


While controlling Death Knight Understudy, take him to Valiance, and he will automatically mount the undead steed. Take the Death Knight Understudy back to the arena. Right-click the Death Knight Understudy portrait to end the mind control, then kill him and Instructor Razuvious. Once the boss dies (which will most likely be a hit if players are doing this attack at level 60 or higher), loot it to receive the Reins of Courage. Congratulations on the new mount!

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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