The Coolest Cosmetics in the June 2023 World of Warcraft Trading Post Catalog

A new month has arrived, and that means World of Warcraft players have a new batch of cosmetics to claim through the Trading Post. This month includes several memorable mounts, a pet worthy of attention and a nice set of armor for any warrior out there. There are a ton of exclusive cosmetics on offer this month, and anyone looking to claim any of them might want to act fast before a new Trading Post catalog arrives in July.

The Trading Post has been one of the best new additions to World of Warcraft in recent years. Anyone simply playing the game accumulates Trader’s Tender, which can be exchanged for various cosmetics. Players with an active subscription automatically receive 500 Tender when they log in, and can earn an additional 500 by completing various tasks in the Traveler’s Journal. Most of these tasks are tied to everyday activities or seasonal events, so players can earn new cosmetics just by adventuring in Azeroth.

buzzworth WoW Buzzworth

The Trading Post seems to offer a new pet every month, and June is no different. World of Warcraft battle pet collectors can add Buzzworth to their collection for just 600 Tender. People who are afraid of bees might want to avoid this one, but bug lovers will definitely want to get this one. It feels like it was ripped straight from World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, and that makes it the perfect travel companion in Dragonflight.

Cinderman Charger WoW Cindermane Charger

One of the biggest items in World of Warcraft’s June 2023 Trading Post has to be the Cindermane Charger mount. This fire horse was once a Recruit A Friend reward, but was removed after Blizzard overhauled the service. It seemed like there would never be another way to claim this mount, but that all changed this month. For an incredible 900 Traveller’s Tender, mount collectors can finally add Ragnaros’ creation to their collection. While it may not have dragonriding, it’s still worth the price.

Set: Helarjar Berserker Warplate WoW Helarjar Berserker

Every month the Trading Post also seems to include an armor set or two, and this month it comes in the form of the Helarjar Berserker Warplate. This set looks like it came straight out of World of Warcraft: Legion, and it might just be what some players are looking for. It’s imbued with vile energies and definitely doesn’t look friendly. Anyone wanting to claim it will have to spend 750 Tender, and they’ll want to have a warrior, paladin, or death knight before they make the jump.

Quawks WoW Quawks

World of Warcraft’s special bonus cosmetic comes in the form of the all-new majestic Quawks parrot mound. This beautiful mountain looks perfect for traversing the many islands of Battle for Azeroth. It costs no Traveller’s Tender and is fairly easy to obtain. All players have to do is complete their monthly Travel Journal tasks, and they’ll be able to add it to their collection. It’s unclear if this bounty will ever be available again, so anyone interested in it might want to act fast.

Royal Swarmer’s Reins WoW Royal Swarmer

The Royal Swarmer’s Reins is the third mount that World of Warcraft players can obtain through the Trading Post this month, and that makes it a big month for mount collectors. Insect lovers can add this bee-shaped mount to their collection for 800 Tender. It looks like it came straight from Ahn’Qiraji in Silithus, so anyone who likes that aesthetic might want to take this little guy for a spin.

There are far more cosmetics on offer in the June Trading Post and it’s impossible to claim them all. Items that rotate supposedly rotate back at some point, but players can freeze an item to have it carry over to the next month. All of these cosmetics have helped make the Trading Post a fantastic resource, and we hope July will continue that trend.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC

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