World of Warcraft Item Hints at a Major Moment for the Green Dragonflight

Highlights A new tiara discovered in the World of Warcraft PTR suggests a major moment for the Green Dragonflight involving Merithra and Ysera. Patch 10.1.7 introduces quality-of-life updates, a Heritage Questline, and a Green Dragon-themed event called Dreamsurges. The appearance of a new helmet similar to Ysera’s hints at the possibility of Merithra inheriting a literal crown as the new Aspect.

A new tiara discovered in the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm might have just hinted at a major moment for the Green Dragonflight. It remains to be seen where or how this new item will factor into the story of World of Warcraft, but it will almost certainly involve Merithra, the new Aspect of the Green Dragonflight, and her mother, Ysera.

Patch 10.1.7 is currently on the PTR for World of Warcraft, meaning players are able to experience the first bits of the content update for themselves. The new patch is introducing some exciting content, including quality-of-life updates, a Heritage Questline for Night Elves and Forsaken, and a new Green Dragon-themed world event called Dreamsurges.

However, a new cosmetic helmet might have just hinted at something big for the story of Dragonflight. This new model looks nearly identical to the crescent headpiece worn by Ysera, the Green Dragonflight’s former leader. That said, this new item has more gemstones than Ysera’s and features intricate antler-like branch adornments as well. Considering Merithra is taking over the position of Aspect from her mother, it is possible fans could see her inherit a literal crown in addition to the figurative one.

Previously, World of Warcraft players also discovered a new model for Ebyssian, the new Aspect of the Black Dragonflight, featuring burning antlers and Black Dragon armor. Given the circumstances, it would make sense that Merithra would also receive a unique model too, especially given both are new Aspects. Patch 10.2 is almost certainly going to revolve around working with the Green Dragonflight to protect the new World Tree from the Primal Incarnates, so if this new crown is used, they can expect to see it by then, if not sooner.

It is important to note this new crown has only appeared in development files so far. It is possible the item will not be used by Merithra or anyone else. Until players see this item appear in the game, they can only speculate on what it will be for.

Even so, signs are pointing towards an emotional moment between Ysera and Merithra coming soon to World of Warcraft. Though Ysera has temporarily returned from the Shadowlands in place of Malfurion, she cannot stay forever. With Patch 10.2’s focus firmly on the Green Dragonflight, players might be in for an emotional rollercoaster if Ysera has to bid farewell to her daughter, her sister Alexstrasza, and the cast of World of Warcraft for good.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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