Wow! I Cannot Believe That I Am Now A Senior At College!

Wow! I Cannot Believe That I Am Now A Senior At College!

I cannot believe that I am a senior at college right now. High school took forever to finish but college went by so fast. I still remember high school and my first one and half years at college. Then, the pandemic came in the spring semester of my sophomore year. I have not been to campus ever since. Right now, I am still doing online classes. Even though I am going to be a graduate student and have one more year of college, I still cannot believe that I am a senior right now.

College is so different from high school. I remember that high school took forever because I had classes five days a week from September to June. College classes were four days a week. The fall semester went from September to December and the spring semester went from January to May. High school was eight hours long while college was shorter than eight hours long.

I have not done a lot of things on campus in my first one and half years of college. I was so busy with classes. Who knew that the pandemic would happen? I wonder what the rest of my college years are like if the pandemic never happened. Whatever I have right now, I would like to enjoy my senior year as best as I can before I start the next year as a graduate student.

I feel very excited about my college graduation ceremony. I did not think about it that much until now. At least I have that to look forward to during the senior year. I wonder how my friends and classmates from high school feel about the fact that we are all seniors at college right now. The past feels so recent even though it is far away from the present.

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