Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers Have 3 Free Games To Play This Weekend

Highlights Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy free access to Madden NFL 24 and two other titles this weekend as part of the Free Play Days program. The lineup includes Control, Crime Boss: Rockay City, and Madden NFL 24.

Madden NFL 24 and two more titles are free to play for some Xbox Game Pass members over the second extended weekend in September 2023. This particular perk of Microsoft’s subscription service arrives as part of its Free Play Days program that consistently cycles such freebies for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and—for one final time this week—Xbox Live Gold members.

Free Play Days typically start on a Thursday and run for four days. Last week’s promo featured Dead by Daylight, LEGO 2K Drive, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

This time around, Microsoft is offering Control, Crime Boss: Rockay City, and Madden NFL 24, all of which are free to play for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold members from today until September 10, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. This is the final edition of the promo available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, seeing how that service is being discontinued and replaced with Xbox Game Pass Core next Thursday, just in time for the next iteration of Free Play Days. Instead of a monthly selection of free games, Xbox Game Pass Core will offer access to a small subset of Game Pass titles, while retaining its predecessor’s other benefits such as online play and Free Play Days.

Xbox Free Games to Play This Weekend Xbox Free Play Days September 7 to September 10 2023 Control Crime Boss: Rockay City Madden NFL 24

This week’s Free Play Days lineup is helmed by Control, Remedy Entertainment’s 2019 action adventure that received widespread critical acclaim and fan adoration. The other two titles are both 2023 releases, with Madden NFL 24 hitting the market just three weeks ago, whereas Crime Boss: Rockay City debuted on PC back in March before making its way to current-generation consoles three months later. And though that FPS has the least name recognition from the temporarily free trio, it’s also the most star-studded of the lot, as Ingame Studios spared no expense on hiring a wide variety of celebrities for Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Free Play Days are usually a great opportunity for Microsoft’s subscribers to try out a mix of older hits and recent releases that might have slipped their radar in the past, but this latest edition of the promo may not attract as much attention as it normally would. That’s largely because Xbox Game Pass just added one of the biggest games of the year, Starfield, which is likely to keep many of its members occupied in the days ahead.

As per usual, the newest Free Play Days lineup is also discounted for the duration of this promo, with Control and Crime Boss: Rockay City being available at just $7.49 and $27.99, respectively. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers can currently pick up the cross-gen NFL+ Edition of Madden NFL 24 for $89.99, 20% down its regular price.

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