Best Weapons In Yet Another Zombie Survivors, Ranked

Highlights In multiplayer mode, players can share weapons and barricades in Yet Another Zombie Survivors , but only one copy of each weapon is available for the entire team. Tier 3 weapons like the Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher are highly recommended for their power and effectiveness in taking down large groups of zombies. The Multishot Bow and Shotgun are versatile weapons that excel in different situations, with the Multishot Bow being great for taking out multiple targets at once and the Shotgun being perfect for close-quarters combat.

The RPG survival game Yet Another Zombie Survivors has an amazing weapons collection. A group of players shares the weapons and barricades in multiplayer mode. This means that only one copy of each weapon is available for the entire team. But players can buy more weapon copies to ensure everyone can access it. The best part is that there is no such thing as friendly fire. So, players can go all out with explosions and bullets without worrying about hurting their teammates.

Players must choose between the four available weapons for each character, as not all are equally effective. And here’s a pro tip: Tier 3 weapons are sometimes better than Tier 2 ones. If a player wonders which weapons to focus on, here are the top weapons in Yet Another Zombie Survivors’ game.

1 Assault Rifle Yet Another Zombie Survivors Assault Riffle

One of the most powerful weapons in Yet Another Zombie Survivors is the Assault Rifle. It may be a basic rifle, but it is incredibly effective. This rifle is larger and more powerful than the Submachine Gun. It has a rapid-fire function with a triangular spray of bullets. It is perfect for taking down swarms of zombies, regardless of whether gamers are behind the cover.

The Assault Rifle has great damage, excellent accuracy, a fast rate of fire, and can hit targets from a long distance. Although it does not have area-of-effect damage, it is still one of the best weapons in the game. Combined with an area-of-effect weapon like the Rocket Launcher, it becomes the ultimate weapon combo.

2 Rocket Launcher Yet Another Zombie Survivors Rocket Launcher

Using the Rocket Launcher as the primary area-of-effect weapon when playing Yet Another Zombie Survivors is recommended. This powerful Tier 3 Tank weapon can launch multiple rockets that explode upon impact with the ground. It is perfect for removing large groups of enemies or bosses with high damage output. A player can increase their firing rate and become a formidable presence on the map by improving their reload speed.

The rocket launcher shoots a powerful explosive that explodes and damages zombies in a big area. It will not hurt players or barriers nearby. Players can see a black crater on the map where it explodes.

3 Tesla Yet Another Zombie Survivors Tesla

When surviving a zombie apocalypse, having the right weapons makes all the difference. And one of the top weapons in Yet Another Zombie Survivors is the Tesla coil. This weapon consistently deals high area of effect damage, ranking it as Tier 2. With its blue lightning strikes, the Tesla coil is especially effective against multiple zombies at once.

Upgrade to the Tesla coil as soon as possible if a player is playing as an Engineer to experience its effectiveness firsthand. Players will discover it’s a game-changer in taking down large groups of zombies. However, they should avoid upgrading to the Laser or Blaster, as they are less useful than the Tesla.

4 Minigun Yet Another Zombie Survivors Minigun

The Minigun is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons in Yet Another Zombie Survivors game world. The Tank owns a Tier 3 weapon with impressive features, making it a true masterpiece. This weapon boasts a fast rate of fire and a massive magazine size, making it an absolute beast in battle. When players use the Minigun with the Tank’s Sawblade or the Engineer’s Energy Shield, they will become unbeatable against zombie attacks.

Upgrading the Minigun is a good strategy to fight against zombies. Improving the reload speed, damage, and firing rate can be even better. This can take its damage output to a whole new level, making it highly effective against large groups of zombies.

5 Multishot Bow Yet Another Zombie Survivors Multishot

The Huntress’s bow is one of the most formidable weapons in the game, capable of dealing the most damage. One of the best upgrades for this weapon is the Multishot Bow, which allows players to shoot multiple arrows simultaneously. This can be incredibly useful when facing large groups of enemies, as it can take out multiple targets at once. While other upgrade options, such as the Frost and Explosive options, may be less effective, the Multishot Bow is an excellent all-around weapon.

The Multishot Bow can be even stronger by pairing it with faster firing enhancements. When combined with the powerful explosive Arrow, the Multishot Bow becomes even more deadly. The upgrade allows players to dispatch multiple zombies with explosive results. This makes it a great choice for quickly taking out hordes of enemies.

6 Shotgun Yet Another Zombie Survivor Shotgun

Nothing beats the trusty shotgun when it comes to taking out enemies. With a triangle spray of around five shots, this weapon can injure any undead creature in the vicinity. Get up nice and close for maximum effectiveness, especially shooting from behind a barrier. And if a player is playing as the tank character, they should level up their shotgun first.

While the tank’s first abilities might not be the strongest, a leveled shotgun is the best way to take down foes. As a player goes further, their shotgun will become a pump-action model. It helps them attack quicker and kill more zombies. If they have unlocked the Minigun, they should use it to kill zombies that are close or far away.

7 Taser Yet Another Zombie Survivors Taser

With a rapid rate of fire, this handgun causes shock damage in Yet Another Zombie Survivors. The Engineer starts with the Taser as his main weapon. This is also the power-up players should use first to get the most out of it. The number of zombies a player acts as the team leader eliminates, and playing as the engineer enhances their weapon’s effectiveness.

This increases its overall performance. So it provides players with a greater advantage in the battle for survival. It is a weapon that can keep up with the fast pace of close to medium-range combat.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is available on PC and is currently in Early Access.

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