You can launch Starfield as early as August 31, its global release times confirm

The big RPGs of 2023 just keep coming and it’s nearly time to fasten your spacebelt for Starfield’s launch. Bethesda has distributed the official itinerary for takeoff today so we can all be on the same page about exactly when this game actually comes out. It’s either September 1 or September 6, depending on how you view early access for premium edition purchasers.

As several big games have done recently, Starfield is muddying the meaning of “early access” and consequently “launch date” as well, but Bethesda’s global (galactic?) release times infographic should mostly sort things out.

(Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

Starfield launches on September 1 (August 31 in the Americas) for players who have purchased its Premium Edition or higher. If you’ve purchased the standard edition, or are playing via Game Pass, it launches on September 6 (September 5 in the Americas). On all of the relevant dates, Starfield unlocks at 5 pm PDT, which correlates to 1 am BST and 10 am AEST. 

Hopefully that’s Constellation clear for everyone. Bethesda has been reminding folks that the official launch date is September 6, but I’m willing to bet that if you spend any time on the internet on September 1 it’s going to feel a lot like a launch day. So be prepared to start seeing a lot of screenshots and livestreams on that day.

When it comes to preloading, that’s a split affair as well. PC players can already begin preloading through the Microsoft Store if you’ve bought it there. On Steam, preloading begins on August 30.

If you’re all set for your designated launch date, brush up on everything we know about Starfield’s companions, and all of the Starfield factions you can join in space.

Source:IGN Gaming

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