Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Making food is an essential part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Players need to prepare Link for any eventuality, whether it’s facing a particularly strong enemy in combat, using up a large amount of Stamina, or sneaking up on enemies stealthily. However, one boost that is often overlooked is speed. Hurried meals put Link into super fast mode, increasing his movement speed, which can save players lives when farming items or scaling tall rocks.

While players can make elixirs using creatures like Hot-Footed Frogs and Hightail Lizards in Tears of the Kingdom, various meals increase Link’s speed from 4 to 30 minutes with a variety of ingredients. These recipes include special materials that are surprisingly easy to obtain.

7 hurried cooked fruits Quick cooked fruit recipe

Hasty Simmered Fruit is easy to make, consisting of Fleet-Lotus Seeds. However, if players are after an extra duration boost, all they need to do is add a dash of Monster Extract to boost Link Speed ​​for half an hour. This mix is ​​perfect for crossing over a long period of time or across flat areas of Hyrule such as the Gerudo Desert.

Fleet-Lotus Seeds are found in water. They are common in the Lanayru region in places like Zora’s Domain and Lanayru Wetlands, as well as shallow ponds in Hyrule. Vials of Monster Extract can be purchased from Fyson in Tarrey Town or as a reward from Kilton for completing the “A Monstrous Collection” side quest.

6 Hasty Mushroom Skewer Mushroom skewers recipe

Any skewer can work in a pinch for Link, and with an added boost they’re even more valuable. Hasty Mushroom Skewers can be made by cooking only Rushrooms, but by adding a Dragon Horn, players can increase the initial duration by up to 30 minutes. Horns can be grown from any of the four dragons that fly the skies of Hyrule: Naydra, Farosh, Dinraal, or the Dragon of Light.

Rushrooms can be found very early on when exploring Great Sky Island, and on the surface they grow on cliffs around Hyrule. As for Dragon Horns, they are relatively easy to obtain, as long as players have enough Stamina and the right clothes/elixirs/meals to help in every circumstance. All players need to do is locate them, gain enough height, and parachute head first. Then it’s a matter of shooting the horn, which should fall and land on their heads while Link is still riding the dragon.

5 Steamed Beef Steamed meat recipe

If players have some Raw Prime Meat on hand, they can combine it with a bunch of Swift Violets to make a hurried meal that will provide 4½ minutes of speed. This meal is great to use in combat as time won’t be wasted.

While this recipe only restores three hearts, the focus is obviously on the Speed ​​aspect. And the main ingredient is easy to find, as Swift Violets often spawn next to Rushrooms on cliffs in Gerudo Canyon, on Ruvara Cliffs in the Gerudo Highlands, and in the frigid Hebra Mountain Region. Raw Prime Meat is primarily obtained by hunting medium-sized animals in Tears of the Kingdom, which include wolves, deer, and wild boar, but can also be obtained from larger animals such as bears and elk.

4 rice balls with hurried mushrooms Recipe for rice balls with hurried mushrooms

Hylian Rice can be used to make an abundance of things, including Hasty Mushroom Rice Balls. A Hylian Rice combined with four Rushrooms will provide a 5-minute speed boost for Link, perfect for climbing and combat. It’s a simple meal to make and requires minimal ingredients. Not only that, but it restores a large amount of hearts.

Hylian Rice can be purchased from most merchants in Hyrule or gathered from the wild. To harvest Hylian Rice, players need to find areas with tall grass and cut them down with a sword. Hylian Rice’s drop rate is pretty random, but if players find a wetland or shallow lake with tall grass, Hylian Rice is more likely to drop there.

3 Meat and Mushroom Skewers Beef and mushroom skewer recipe

Meat skewers are a lifesaver in Tears of the Kingdom, providing Link with just the right amount of hearts in any situation. Add four Rushrooms to the mix and players will be blessed with the same Hasty Steamed Meat recipe speed while replenishing 7 hearts.

Rushrooms and Raw Prime Meat are easy to obtain early in the game as long as players get in the habit of taking everything they see and not selling everything right away. However, it’s always good to have at least ten of anything, in case you need it for a meal, a side quest, or to upgrade your armor.

2 steamed fish Hasty steamed fish recipe

Tossing some quick carrots and an ancient arowana into a pot will create a hurried steamed fish dish that increases speed for 4 1/2 minutes, as well as restoring a copious amount of hearts. Of course, players can replace the Ancient Arowana with a Hyrule Bass, but using any other fish would cancel the speed boost effect.

Swift Carrots can be purchased in Kakariko Village in High Spirits Produce after completing the side quest “Codgers’ Quarrel” and can also be purchased from traveling merchant Parga and East Wind in Hateno Village.

1 Hasty Veggie Rice Ball Veggie Hasty Rice Cake Recipe

Swift Carrots can be combined with Hylian Rice to create Hasty Veggie Rice Balls, creating a surprisingly hearty meal. The recipe provides the same amount of hearts as the meat would in this case, giving Link 6 hearts. As for the speed boost, Hasty Veggie Rice Balls lasts for 5 minutes.

While Swift Carrots can be purchased from merchants in Hyrule, these vegetables can also be found in the wild. One place Link will find is the east side of Satori Mountain in Hyrule Ridge. However, they are a rather rare vegetable, so if players find them, they must pick them up.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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