Tears of the Kingdom Player Finds a Way to Farm Rupees with Sand Seal Plushie NPC

Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have discovered how to farm rupees by collecting Sand Seal stuffed animals for Juney, one of several NPCs dotted around the Hyrule map. While following the main storyline of Tears of the Kingdom, players will inevitably be distracted along the way by the various side adventures, interesting characters, and strange encounters. There are a few recurring characters that players can encounter across the vast lands of Hyrule, and almost always helping them will bring Link good luck in the end.

As well as Addison, the worker who is placing signs of President Hudson throughout the kingdom, players can encounter other NPCs in more than one location. Beetle is another familiar face that players can easily find near stables, always looking to trade some of his belongings for some beetles if he smells them on Link. Players traveling near the main roads of Hylian are likely to encounter Juney, an artisan who dreams of donating her handmade stuffed animals to schoolchildren.

If Link approaches Juney and asks what she’s doing, she’ll get quite scared and scream, causing her horse to kick the cart and send the stuffed animals flying all over the place. The player could then accept the challenge of getting all ten plushies and placing them inside the cart within three minutes; the reward for completing the June encounter is a Silver Rupee worth 100 Rupees. A member of the Tears of the Kingdom community shared a method that allowed players to do this much faster. Players can simply use the Recall skill to immediately bring sand seals to the cart without any extra effort.

This is much faster and easier than using the Ultrahand to drag them back to the cart. A player in the comments section provided another pro tip for farming rupees this way: create a blueprint of all ten stuffed stamps along with the Autobuild mechanic and put them all in the cart right away.

The Juney Tears of the Kingdom encounter can be replayed as many times as players wish. It only costs 20 rupees to try, and in return players get 100 rupees if they are successful. If it takes less time to complete this task, players will be able to farm rupees much faster.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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