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Video game fans the world over have spent the last few weeks sinking their teeth into Nintendo’s latest AAA title: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Nintendo Switch game picks up where launch title Breath of the Wild left off, opening up the vast open world of Hyrule to expansive skies and mysterious underground.

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Throughout his adventures, players will encounter many weapons that Link can use, from swords to bows and clubs. However, some may not be aware of certain properties of their used weapons, such as low durability, which can cause them to break quickly. These weapons can be incredibly powerful, but players must pay close attention to how long they last!

6 Bow of the Royal Guard A Kingsguard Bow in Link's inventory

Players will be able to find the Kingsguard Bow near Princess Zelda’s office in Hyrule Castle, and will be amazed to discover that it is one of the strongest bows in the game. However, every positive comes with a negative, and for the Royal Guard Bow, it is its extremely low durability. Unfortunately, some players may not use the Royal Guard’s Bow for a long time.

However, thanks to the Blood Moon mechanic, the world of Hyrule will be reset, meaning players can return to Hyrule Castle and grab another Royal Guard’s Bow. Perhaps if players are careful about overusing the Royalguard’s Bow, they can stock the item in their inventory and have a backup in case their bow breaks in the middle of a tough fight.

5 Claymore of the Kingsguard A Kingsguard Claymore in Link's inventory

Another Kingsguard weapon set in Tears of the Kingdom is the Kingsguard Claymore, a two-handed heavy weapon. Like the Kingsguard Bow, the Kingsguard Claymore benefits from high power but very low durability. However, the claymore can be a much harder weapon to find compared to the Royal Guard’s Bow.

When exploring Hyrule Castle, players will find the Sanctum, where a Royal Guard Claymore can be found behind a statue. This weapon will be incredibly useful to players, but only for a short time before it breaks. Still, it might be worth it for the brute force alone, though it’s not an easy weapon to come by.

4 Spear of Gerudo A Gerudo Spear fused with a toy in inventory

With only 6 bases of power, the Gerudo Spear might not seem that strong, especially considering it has very low durability. However, by upgrading it or attaching a material to the Gerudo Spear, players will be able to unlock an enhanced power for the spear, dealing massive amounts of damage before it breaks.

Additionally, the Gerudo Spear is a fairly easy weapon for players to find, as it can be found in Gerudo Town in a weapon rack. Like any spear weapon, players will find the best use of this weapon by attacking quickly, turning its relatively low power level compared to other weapon types into a monstrous amount of damage per second.

3 Bokoblin Arm Link using the Bokoblin Arm on a fuse

The Bokoblin Arm has pretty decent damage output at 20 base power, though it suffers from not being able to fuse with other weapons. With low durability as well, it could be argued that it’s not worth it, but other players will be smart to know how well utilized the Bokoblin Arm can be, especially in the heat of battle.

For starters, the Bokoblin Arm is incredibly easy to find, as they can often be dropped from a dead skeleton Bokoblin, which will appear frequently at night in Hyrule, just like in Breath of the Wild. Given how common the Bokoblin Arm is to find, in addition to its decent attack power, the low durability can be a negative, but it will certainly come in handy when cornered.

2 Zonaite Swords Link obtaining a Zonaite Sword from a treasure chest

Zonaite weapons are rather weak in power on their own, but benefit from increased strength when fused with other materials. For example, the Zonaite Sword only does 6 basic damage before being upgraded or fused, which sucks. Additionally, Zonaite weapons often suffer from low durability, even the Mighty Zonaite weapons that are harder to find.

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However, the versatility of Zonaite weapons when smelted makes them valuable to all Tears of the Kingdom players. While Zonaite weapons such as the Zonaite Sword can be crafted from raw Zonaite, they can also be found already crafted in select Shrines if players are smart enough to look for hidden treasure chests.

1 Flux Core Destroyer Link facing a Flux Construct 1

Casual Tears of the Kingdom fans might be confused about how weapon fusion works, but by taking advantage of it, they can make some pretty powerful weapons out of ones that usually break too easily. Many weapons in the game, when combined with a Flux I Construct Core, can become much stronger than they are on their own.

This is how players will be able to obtain a Flux Core Smasher, which is certainly not the strongest in terms of durability, but can even outshine weapons like the Master Sword if the right combination is found. Ultimately, the strength of a player’s weapons in Tears of the Kingdom is only limited by their imagination, even when durability is an issue.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is currently available on Switch.

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