Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Kills Boss In A Surprising Way


In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can defeat the boss Colgera in an unusual way by launching Link through the ice protecting its weak spots. This method is considered an intended game mechanic and players can try it out by finding the Glide Armor set to make it easier to control Link while diving. Tears of the Kingdom emphasizes imagination and offers creative ways to take down enemies.

Colgera is a tough boss to defeat in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but a player has actually managed to accidentally take it down in a very unusual way. Breath of the Wild completely revamped the Zelda game formula. While most of the changes were well-received by the community, there were certain aspects that many gamers believed shouldn’t have been altered or removed. Dungeons and temples had always been a big part of Zelda games, and Breath of the Wild replaced them with Shrines and Divine Beasts. Thankfully, players will find several temples and dungeons in Tears of the Kingdom, all of them ready to be explored.

Players will have to complete a handful of different temples in order to progress the main story in Tears of the Kingdom. There aren’t many enemies in these places, as they’re mostly focused on puzzle-solving. Unlike previous Zelda games where players had to collect keys to unlock more rooms and eventually find the master key, in these temples, they must activate contraptions in order to unlock the main mechanism, which will summon a temple boss.

As Link explores Hyrule, the characters that he meets will point him in a certain direction and suggest a temple order, but players can freely decide where they’d like to go first. Most gamers tend to complete the Wind Temple first in Tears of the Kingdom since many characters mention the unbearable weather conditions near Rito Village; this means that many players will first encounter Colgera, the Scourge of the Wind Temple. The most common way to defeat this boss is to aim an arrow at its weak spots, which are covered only by fragile ice shards. Reddit user SpilledCobra872 had an encounter with Colgera in which the creature simply killed itself by hitting Link and launching him through the ice protecting its body.

In the comment section, many players were shocked to learn that it was possible to take down Colgera in such an unusual way. However, others mentioned that this is an intended game mechanic. It seems that gamers can actually defeat Colgera by diving straight into its weak spots. Players that want to try this out should consider finding the Glide Armor set first, as it makes it considerably easier to control Link while diving.

This clip only goes to show how Tears of the Kingdom is all about using one’s imagination and exploring all sorts of options. There are dozens of creative ways to take down enemies in this game, especially with the versatility of Ultrahand and the Fuse abilities.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch.

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