Tears of the Kingdom player creates hilarious disco ball

A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player managed to create a disco ball in-game and the results are hilarious. The latest entry in the Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, completely revamped the franchise. Its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, had already been pretty game-changing, but for many fans, the sequel definitely took it to the next level.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can use Rauru’s hand to control various skills, and the Ultrahand skill is what fans seem to be particularly interested in. This ability allows players to move objects and attach them to each other. This works with common everyday items as well as versatile Zonai gadgets, and the combination of the two allows players to create some of the wackiest creations in Zelda history.

One of the many useful Zonai devices in Tears of the Kingdom is the mirror. This device might seem like nothing special at first, but if the sun hits it, it produces an intense glare that can also be used to stun enemies. Recently, Reddit user our_see made his own disco ball in Tears of the Kingdom using the Zonai mirror device. They placed several mirrors on a pole attached to a fan at the top of a pillar, and as the fan spun, so did the pole, resulting in all of the mirror devices moving like a disco ball.

Furthermore, given the mirror devices’ ability to stun, as the “disco ball” spun, nearby Bokoblins had multiple lights hit their eyes and consequently became stunned and confused, causing them to cover their eyes and stagger. This just made the user clip better as it really looked like the Bokoblins were dancing.

There’s no doubt that the Ultrahand skill has completely won over the Zelda community. As soon as players unlocked it, they started creating the best builds, and as time goes on and players get even more familiar with the game, they will surely continue to make weird contraptions in Tears of the Kingdom.

Skills in Tears of the Kingdom are even more versatile than those available in its predecessor. The fanbase has an impressive imagination, and those skills will make this an endlessly replayable game, an important fixture in today’s gaming world.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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