Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Giving Away More Free Items

Highlights Tears of the Kingdom players can now obtain free inventory items through the Nintendo Switch News section. The latest free items are a Soldier’s Shield and a Zonai Cart, which can be combined using the Fuse ability.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are being treated to more free inventory items via the Nintendo Switch News section. This unorthodox method started to net Tears of the Kingdom players free items a short while back.

Pretty much everything that was in Breath of the Wild was expanded upon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, from the amount of explorable space, to the more involved story, to the sheer increase in the number of collectible items. These can be used to cook powerful elixirs and meals, fused with weapons and shields for some bonus effects, and either traded or sold for Rupees. While many of these are common, others are restricted to specific parts of the map (or even specific maps), and some are extremely rare. But thanks to various updates starting with the Version 1.2.0, player can now obtain several of these items for free.

The latest free items are a Soldier’s Shield and a Zonai Cart, both intended to be combined via Tears of the Kingdom’s new Fuse ability. Both are obtained through a Switch News story by the name of “Shield Surfing: the Speediest Way to Get Around,” in which players will have to select the “Play Now” button at the bottom and make sure Tears of the Kingdom is inserted and up to date. Shield Surfing is a mechanic introduced in Breath of the Wild, building on a mini-game from Twilight Princess and letting Link traverse more hilly areas by readying a shield and jumping. While this will wear down any shield over time, players can beef them up by attaching items such as the Carts, whose wheels can help players move faster and not to mention look cooler.


Returning from the previous game, the Soldier’s Shield is a very common and middle-of-the-road shield that can be found even early on in Tears of the Kingdom. It is carried by weaker enemies and boasts a defense stat of 16, but is weak to fire due to its wooden infrastructure. The Cart is similarly common among Zonai devices. In addition to acting as a makeshift skateboard, it most commonly works as the base of many Zonai vehicles, allowing the flying ones to get a rolling start before flying off ledges. While neither item is that hard to find, this update does grant players of all skill levels an easy means to get their shield surf on.

Considering this freebie required a new Tears of the Kingdom update in order to work, as did the last one, it stands to reason that future freebies will require a similar means. Regardless, most players, particularly newer ones, should be grateful to see the developers throw them a bone.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Life

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