Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Throughout his journey through Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link will receive several hints that all is not well with Lurelin Village. Players familiar with Breath of the Wild will remember Lurelin Village as a vibrant waterfront community in southeast Hyrule known for its fish. Hearing that pirates have taken Lurelin village is a shock. Once Link arrives at Lurelin Village, players can take the following steps to return it to its former glory in Tears of the Kingdom.


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How to unlock the quest ‘Lurelin Village Restoration Project’ lurelin totk village monster forces

To unlock ‘Lurelin Village Restoration’, players must first complete the ‘Ruffian Infested Village’ quest. This quest is a fairly straightforward combat quest that involves eliminating the monsters that destroyed the village. As long as Link is well stocked with defense-boosting foods and healthy foods, it should be a long but simple task to eliminate the monsters.

Be sure to check out the well north of Lurelin Village, as a Bokoblin can be found hiding there. Once the task is completed and the monster forces health bar reaches zero, a cutscene will trigger, symbolizing the end of Lurelin’s terror and Bolson’s determination to rebuild the village with Link’s help.

Step by step of the first phase of the Lurelin village restoration project Lurelin Village Quest Totk Tears of the Kingdom

The first thing Bolson needs from Link is twenty Hylian Rice and fifteen logs. They cannot be from palm trees, however. That would be too easy. Bolson directs Link to a patch of trees north of the village next to Sifumin Shrine to facilitate fast travel. Once Bolson has the two necessary materials, phase two can begin.

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How to transport logs to the beach lurelin totk village quest

The logs Bolson requires are whole logs, not just bundles of wood. To do this, Link must chop down the trees Bolson pointed out (most efficiently using an axe) and use the Ultrahand to pick them up and transport them to the beach. For extra efficiency, Link can merge the logs and drop them as a bundle.

If that’s too difficult, Bolson doesn’t need all the logs at once. Link can make multiple trips to the beach with the logs. Talking to Bolson will clear the beach of logs and add to the total that Bolson has.

Where to find Hylian Rice Link examines Beedle's wares in Tears of the Kingdom

Hylian Rice is, strangely enough, quite difficult to find in Tears of the Kingdom. Hylian Rice’s most trusted sources are merchants:

Zora’s Domain General Store Lookout Landing General Store Gerudo Town Cooking Ingredient Store (only available after completing the Regional Phenomenon Gerudo section) Hateno Village General Store Beedle

There is also a chance that Hylian Rice will fall when cutting fields of tall grass.

Walkthrough of Phase Two of the Lurelin Village Restoration Project lurelin village bolson phase two tears of the kingdom

Phase two of the project involves those palm trees that Link couldn’t touch during phase one. For this part, Link needs to support the houses and establishments destroyed in the pirate attack. These can be done in any order.

Restoring the Inn kingdom inn correction totk tears

To restore the inn, Link must Ultrahand the trash inside the pirate ship-shaped building to clear it for Bolson. Melting the junk and pulling it out as a unit can save time here, especially with the pipes in the bottom section of the ship. That done, Bolson can restore the inn.

totk tears of the kingdom inn reward

The innkeeper will return from Gerudo Town and give Link five Volt Fruit as a reward. Link can now also use the inn for free.

restoring the restaurant totk tears of kingdom restaurant record

Restoring the restaurant involves a few steps. The player must clear the crates under the hole in the ship where Bolson wants a straight palm tree log to be placed.

Any palm will do, as long as it’s not one of the incredibly flexible ones. Once cut, use the Ultrahand to maneuver the palm trunk into the hole in the center, and Bolson will be able to fix it.

totk tears of the kingdom reward restaurant

Upon returning to the restaurant to find it repaired, the family that owns it will reward Link with a Tough Seafood Fried Rice and free use of their restaurant.

Restoring the Lucky Treasure Shop totk tears of the kingdom lucky treasure fix

The solution for the Lucky Treasure Shop is another palm tree for support, although this one is a bit trickier due to its height. Players having trouble placing the log can use Ultrahand to hold it in the air for at least five seconds, stand in the wooden circle, use Recall on the log, and Ultrahand again to grab it from a higher point. That done, Bolson can tidy up the store.

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totk tears of the kingdom lucky treasure reward

The owner of the Lucky Treasure Shop will return and reward Link with five Bomb Flowers. Link can now use the Lucky Treasure Shop to gain monster parts to make elixirs and smelt weapons.

Restoring the Village Chief’s House

The Village Head house is fairly easy to restore, needing another straight palm trunk. Cut a straight palm log and run the Ultrahand into the hole for Bolson to fix.

Totk Tears of the Realm Village Main House Reward

The reward for fixing the Village Head house is three Armored Porgy, which can be used for defense-boosting food.

Restoring the House of Armes

Armes’ house also requires a straight palm trunk for support. Cut one, ultrahand in the hole and Bolson can fix it.

totk tears of the kingdom armes home reward

Armes will reward the player with fifty rupees, as well as any fish they catch, which will periodically appear in a chest outside his house.

Lurelin Village Restoration Project Rewards totk tears of lurelin kingdom feast

Now that this humble fishing village has been fully repaired, the Village Head will hold a feast in Link and Bolson’s honor. At the party, the villagers will officially announce that Link has free use of all establishments in Lurelin Village. That means free monster parts, free inn stays, and free restaurant meals.

totk tears of the kingdom reward lurelin

With everything done, Lurelin Village will become the bustling fishing hub it once was.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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