Tears of the Kingdom Trebuchet Fails Spectacularly

A player of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was forced to reassess his engineering skills after experiencing a spectacular trebuchet failure. They later took to social media to share their amusing mishap, which gained traction online soon after another viral clip from Tears of the Kingdom demonstrated the importance of fire safety.

Much like its immediate predecessor, the new Zelda game is designed around emergent gameplay, which is realized through a combination of an open world map and a wide variety of mechanics that are conducive to creativity. One such system centers around the Ultrahand from Tears of the Kingdom, a successor to the Magnesis rune from Breath of the Wild that not only works on non-metallic materials this time around, but also allows Link to smelt objects together to create vehicles, traps, and buildings. .

And while many players were thrilled to learn that this newfound power could be used to create complex machinery such as devastating Tears of the Kingdom attack drones and bipedal mechs, others found they can have fun with much simpler designs, sometimes quite literally. . This was recently exemplified by Reddit user DrDalmaijer, who shared a gameplay clip of a misconfigured trebuchet intended to set off some time bombs. Unfortunately for them, the design failed spectacularly, and the only thing that ended up being propelled in the ensuing explosion was their control pad, including awkwardly Link.

Elaborating on this humorous mishap that somehow left Link unscathed, Dr. Dalmaijer wrote that they were stunned to see his Tears of the Kingdom contraption explode so immediately, revealing that they actually had the vision to place his Bomb Flowers in a wagon basket. wheels. Since the thruster wasn’t actually connected to the machine, it shouldn’t have received a signal once the trebuchet was turned on.

Regardless, the placement of the Flower Bombs may have played a role in this accident, with another possibility being that the basket was simply too heavy, generating enough force to cause the Time Bombs to bounce – and thus explode – first. Dr Dalmaijer labeled the latter scenario as a likely explanation, stating that they will try to rebuild the trebuchet with just a single bomb and see if that stops the entire charge from exploding.

This is far from the only humorous engineering calamity making the rounds online since the new Zelda game hit store shelves on May 12th. .

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Switch.

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