Zomato and Blinkit likely to get AI tools to improve services, plan to hire more engineers, data scientists

The food delivery platform is reportedly planning to recruit engineers specializing in machine learning and related fields to develop its AI-based products.

By Divya Bhati: We are heading towards an AI transformation. From Google to Microsoft, all the big tech giants are keeping their development teams busy creating new generative AI tools. Thanks to the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI, AI is now becoming a part of everyone’s daily life, just like social media. It’s not just chatbots like Bing or Bard anymore; we now have AI tools in Snapchat, Myntra, and more to enhance the social media and shopping experience. Joining the AI bandwagon, now restaurant aggregator and food delivery company Zomato is gearing up to introduce generative artificial intelligence (AI) in its services.

According to a report by Economic Times, Zomato has begun experimenting with AI to improve the customer experience through products utilising a new technology. People familiar with the matter informed the publication that Zomato, which also owns the quick commerce platform Blinkit, intends to hire engineers specialising in machine learning, data science, and natural language processing to develop its AI-based products. “Zomato has appointed a head of AI product development to spearhead these initiatives,” the source stated.

Additionally, the company is reportedly planning to integrate AI into various customer-interfacing features such as search and notifications, as well as backend tools like product photography and customer support, to enhance the overall customer experience. These new AI tools will be developed for both the Zomato and Blinkit platforms.

“A large part of customer communications within the app are already automatedâ€æbut the integration with generative AI will be able to handle the increasing loads more efficiently and effectively,” the report further added.

Confirming the forthcoming AI development, a Zomato spokesperson acknowledged the matter, stating, “Over the past year, Zomato has fine-tuned neural networks that predict food preparation and delivery time, among other things.”

“Similarly, Blinkit has utilised machine learning to optimise supply chain costs and reduce delivery times. We are also experimenting with generative AI. For instance, Blinkit now offers nearly unlimited recipes, along with the required ingredients, on its app,” it further added.

In the meantime, Zomato is reported to be collaborating with companies such as Google, Adobe, OpenAI, and Microsoft for advancements in the field of AI. “Zomato and Blinkit have been consistently hiring engineers with machine learning skills over the past few years,” said the Zomato spokesperson. “We are always searching for talented engineers who can assist us in developing new models to create services that delight customers and streamline business processes.”

Significantly, in a recent blog post, Albinder Dhindsa, CEO of Blinkit, highlighted that a dedicated team comprising engineers and a product manager successfully created ‘Recipe Rover.’ This innovative engine, powered by ChatGPT and Midjourney, provides recipe suggestions and assists users in finding the necessary ingredients.

The food delivery platform is reportedly planning to recruit engineers specializing in machine learning and related fields to develop its AI-based products.

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